Candidates For Thigh Lift

A thigh lift can address loose, saggy, crepey skin that has lost its elasticity due to the natural process of aging. Individuals who have experienced a massive weight loss are normally left with an excess of loose skin that hangs off their thighs. Undergoing a thigh lift after weight loss can help individuals regain their confidence and can even improve their quality of life.

In addition to the unappealing aesthetics, this loose skin can result in chronic rashes on the inner thigh or uncomfortable chafing. Significant amounts of loose skin can even impede an individual’s ability to fit into certain types of clothing. Generally, liposuction will accompany a thigh lift which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

General Thigh Lift Requirements

Good candidates for a female thigh lift or male thigh lift surgery are:

  • Patients that are in overall good health and are free from medical conditions that would increase surgical risks or impede the ability to heal properly;
  • Individuals who are maintaining a healthy stable weight;
  • Patients with excess loose skin and/or fat on their thighs due to massive weight loss from bariatric surgery;
  • Patients who experience chronic rashes on the inner thighs or persistent chafing due to walking or running;
  • Patients who find it difficult to fit into clothing because of the size of their thighs;
  • Patients who have saggy loose skin due to aging;
  • Individuals who do not smoke and have not smoked for the previous four consecutive months;
  • Patients who understand what the surgery can and can not accomplish and have realistic goals for the results;
  • Patients who are committed to making or maintaining lifestyle changes which include a healthy diet and exercise routine to preserve their results.

A Medial Thigh Lift Candidate

Typically the medial thigh lift candidate has experienced a significant loss of weight and has loose sagging skin on the inner portion of their thighs and extending down to the knee. It can also address excess skin that pools around the ankles

A Crescent Thigh Lift Candidate

The crescent thigh lift is best for candidates who have a moderate amount of loose skin that is concentrated only on the upper portion of the inner thigh.

A Lateral Thigh Lift Candidate

Candidates for lateral thigh lift have a concentration of excess fat and skin on the outer portion of their upper thigh.

A Spiral Thigh Lift Candidate

Individuals who have undergone a massive weight loss and have excess skin and fat universally located on their thighs are the best candidates for a spiral thigh lift. The spiral lift addresses fat and excess skin on both the inner and outer portions of the thighs.

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