Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) in Atlanta, GA

Give your forehead a younger and smoother appearance.
Brow Lift Atlanta

SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics offer brow lifts for men and women in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia. A brow and forehead lift can correct sagging skin caused by the natural aging process and restore a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

What is a Brow Lift?

The forehead area is prone to sagging due to the aging process. The skin loses elasticity and the fat shifts. This creates an appearance that is tired and even angry. A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure for removing the excess skin and fat to give the forehead a younger and smoother appearance.

What Are the Benefits of a Brow/Forehead Lift?

  • Addresses some of the earliest signs of aging
  • Restores a portion of the eye and brow area
  • Can be performed in conjunction with dermal fillers and injectables for a dramatic improvement

What Should I Expect from My Brow Lift?

The incisions for a forehead lift are placed in a manner that allows for a tightening of the skin as well as concealment of the resulting scars. After the incisions are made, the skin is pulled taut to maintain a natural, yet younger appearance. The excess skin is trimmed and the incisions are closed. Your forehead lift may be performed in conjunction with blepharoplasty if you have sagging upper and/or lower eyelids. After you are fully healed, we may recommend dermal fillers and injectables to refine and prolong the results.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Results do vary by individual, but many of our brow lift patients enjoy the anti-aging results for 10 to 12 years. We will recommend steps that you can take to prolong the results of your forehead lift.

Brow Lift for Men

Wrinkles on men’s forehead seem to be the most obvious signs of aging that men recognize and want to deal with. So it’s not surprising that brow lift for men is in high demand. Apart from forehead creases, with age, men’s eyes often look smaller and more tired. Raising eyebrows helps achieve a refreshed and pleasant appearance. When it comes to brow lift for men, it’s important to keep the masculine facial features. Therefore, the technique for lifting brows for men is different from the one for women.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of surgery varies by patient based on several factors. During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the cost of your procedure and share information about our financing options.

Schedule Your Forehead Lift Consultation Today!

A forehead lift produces some of the most dramatic results for men and women who are interested in surgical anti-aging solutions. Scheduling a consultation with us allows you to learn about the procedure and what results you can expect. Looking tired and angry all the time only makes you feel older, so we invite you to learn more about our brow lift procedure. Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer brow lifts for men and women in Atlanta, Suwanee, Johns Creek and the surrounding areas of Georgia. To learn more about forehead lifts, contact us to schedule a consultation
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