How Long Does Recovery From a Thigh Lift Take?

A thigh lift is a particularly popular procedure among patients of the weight loss surgery or the liposuction surgery. Thin and sensitive skin on your thighs gets easily wrinkled after weight loss procedures and needs to be addressed. When considering a thigh lift, patients should be aware of the recovery process that is associated with the procedure. So today, we are going to cover some of the most popular questions on the subject.

How to Minimize Recovery Time After a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift procedure can be performed in a variety of different techniques. The technique that Dr. Angelina Postoev utilizes most frequently ensures fast and easy recovery.

The thigh lift technique involves a liposuction of the middle thighs and removing the excess skin. Via the liposuction, Dr. Angelina Postoev removes all fat under the skin, and vaser liposuction works best here as it preserves all the blood vessels and lymphatic channels underneath the skin. This significantly helps recovering quicker and easier, and minimizing swelling.

If the blood and lymphatic vessels get cut off during the thigh lift procedure, the body has to reestablish the vessels’ network to drain all fluids away from the wound. This causes extra swelling, especially around the knees and extends the general healing time.

How Long Does Recovery Last After a Thigh Lift?

Incisions made during a thigh lift are quite long and take time to heal. On average, patients can resume light activities within 4-5 days. Full recovery takes several weeks.

When Can I Take a Shower?

Patients can take a shower within 48 hours after the procedure.

When Can I Sit on The Toilet?

Patients are allowed to sit down at any time. However, it might feel uncomfortable for a while. There are different solutions to this problem, and we can consult you on the subject.

When Can I Start Walking Around after a Thigh Lift?

Our standard recommendation is to start walking from the first day as it benefits the recovery process.

When Can I Open the Bandage after a Thigh Lift?

The bandage will be taken off strictly by a surgeon in a couple of weeks after the thigh lift.

Do I need a Garment after a Thigh Lift?

Yes, patients after a thigh lift procedure do wear a garment. However, the garment should be chosen individually based on the patient’s body type and the requirements of other procedures that might be combined with the thigh lift.

How Do I Take Care of Scars After a Thigh Lift?

Taking care of scars is another important consideration for our patients. Once the bandage is off, Dr. Angelina might prescribe certain scar creams. However, vitamin E and cocoa butter are supposed to do the job as well. Certainly, SPF creams must be applied to the scars anytime a patient wants to go out and be in the sun. Otherwise, the scars can darken.

Does Smoking Matter When Healing After a Thigh Lift?

It is critical to understand that nicotine affects the recovery process. Dr. Angelina strongly suggests quitting smoking before the procedure and for a while after it. However, if a patient does not smoke but is exposed to nicotine because of other people around, it could hinder the healing process, and wounds might open up because of the nicotine.

When Can I Return to Work After a Thigh Lift?

It depends, but Dr. Angelina recommends taking 1-2 weeks off. Some patients will require more time to recover if several procedures are combined with the thigh lift.

When Can I Swim After a Thigh Lift?

Usually, patients can swim in 2-3 weeks, as long as the incisions are fully closed and healed.

At Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics, we see a lot of interest in the thigh lift procedure and encourage everyone to book a free virtual consultation with Dr. Angelina Postoev to understand your individual needs and options for the thigh lift.

Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer thigh lift to patients in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Buckhead, and other surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia.

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