Bra-Line Back Lift in Atlanta, GA

Rids of a roll that forms in the area where the bra naturally rests.

Bra-line back lift Atlanta

After undergoing a tremendous loss of weight, fat that sits along the back and bra line can be particularly stubborn and can interfere with your aesthetic vision. SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics in Atlanta can put the finishing touches on all your hard work with bra line back lift surgery. Our professional team of experts will help align your vision and reality with meticulous attention to detail.

Losing a significant amount of weight often leaves behind unsightly loose skin and muscle laxity that are not responsive to diet and exercise. Skin that has been stretched over a once larger frame does not shrink back down to a smaller size and can leave behind areas of saggy, stretched skin or “rolls” on the patient’s body. One of the areas that is commonly affected is the patient’s back, this is particularly true for women and they often develop what is known as a “bra roll”. A back lift, or upper body lift, can correct the issues of excess skin and fat on the back and leave a more contoured and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What Is Back Lift Surgery?

A torsoplasty, or “back lift” is a surgery that is done to eliminate excess loose skin and fat deposits from a patient’s back. A back lift is often done for patients who have experienced a significant weight loss such as:

Men are normally more prone to get a back lift only due to excess weight loss while women, whose skin and fat deposits differ genetically, are affected by all three causes.

Women also tend to form a roll in the area where their bra naturally rests running all the way around and under their arm which can be a tricky spot to address.

Liposuction is often performed as a part of the back lift process and other surgical procedures may be combined including a tummy tuck, breast lift, thigh lift, or non-surgical procedures such as BodyTite, PHYSIQ, or Evolve may be used to obtain optimal results.

Back lift surgery before and after
Back lift surgery before and after

Why Would A Woman Want To Get A Bra-Line Back Lift?

Accomplishing massive weight loss can positively transform an individual’s health, their life, and the way they look and feel, They can physically do things they could not do before and while they are proud of their accomplishment, they may also suffer from disappointment as well.

They have worked so hard to lose weight and while they feel better physically, they are disappointed in the way their body looks and can become emotionally depressed. They may feel self-conscience about the way their clothing fits and in social situations that require any level of undress.

Both men and women can benefit from back lift surgery but having to wear a bra can emphasize excess fat located on the back. Getting rid of the extra “roll” would make a bra-line back lift worth it for most women.

Who Is A Candidate For A Back Lift?

Individuals who have achieved their weight loss goals through surgery, diet, and exercise, or a combination of both who are left with excess skin and fat can benefit from back lift surgery. Other criteria for back lift surgery are:

  • Patient should be in good physical health;
  • Patient should be in good phycological health;
  • Patient should be a non-smoker;
  • Patient should be close to their ideal weight.

How Is A Back Lift Performed?

Back lifts are performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or surgical center and will vary by surgeon and if combining the back lift with other surgeries.

Before the patient is put under anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon will mark the incision sites on the body. For women, this will include marking their natural bra line. This is done, so the scar that results from the surgery will naturally fall under her bra or bathing suit top.

During surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will use the lines they drew to guide them in excising the loose skin. Liposuction and body sculpting are often done during this portion of the surgery and once the skin is smooth and looks naturally contoured, it is stretched taut and reattached along the incision line.

Surgical dressings will be applied and a compression garment will be put on the patient that they will wear according to their surgeon’s directions.

Surgical times can vary depending on the extent of the surgery and if combining more than one procedure but as a rule, the total surgery time is normally somewhere between 2 and 5 hours.

Some patients may need to spend the night in the hospital or surgical center for observations depending on the extent of their surgery.

Will A Bra Lift Address Underpit Boob?

Some women have breast tissue that develops in areas such as under their arms which is known as axillary breast tissue. This can make the area under the armpits look fatty or thick and make the whole upper body look big. Although it can be a bit tricky, a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon will be able to eliminate the issue and improve the overall contour of your underarm area during a bra lift, upper back lift, or as a stand-alone procedure.

If this axillary tissue is minimal, it can often be removed with liposuction alone, or a combination of liposuction and surgery can be used to address more significant axillary breast tissue.

How Long Is The Recovery From Back Lift Surgery?

Exact recovery times vary by patient and the extent of the surgery. Patients will need some help at home during their initial recovery period. They will not be allowed to drive or do any sort of lifting to ensure they do not pull their incisions apart.

Patients will be discharged home with aftercare instructions provided by their surgeon. These instructions will include drain care, wound cleaning, and directions on wearing compression garments if needed. The surgeon will also provide instructions on how to sleep after a back lift.

Swelling and bruising are normal after back lift surgery but the pain medications prescribed by the surgeon should ease the discomfort until switching to over-the-counter pain medications.

Female patients will have to refrain from wearing a bra for a few weeks and then for about a month, must wear one that is soft, breathable, and fits loosely for about a month. It should have a wide horizontal strap and be free from underwire.

If the patient has small children or large pets that require care (that involves pulling or lifting, etc) they will need to make arrangements for help for as much as eight weeks post-surgery.

Most patients take a few weeks off from work but can perform jobs that do not require strenuous activity or lifting when they feel up to it.

What Are The Risks Of Back Lift Surgery?

While back lift surgery is considered safe, any surgical procedure poses potential risks. The risks of back lift surgery include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia;
  • Infection;
  • Bleeding;
  • Separation of incision;
  • Seroma;
  • Blood clots;
  • Excessive scarring.

Will I Get A Scar From A Bra-line Lift or Back Lift?

Yes, there will be a scar but it should minimize within the first 12 months. Most women should be able to conceal the scar beneath their bra line or bathing suit top.

Back Lift Surgery Scar Before And After

You will notice the horizontal scar from this patient’s back lift surgery. This is a fairly new incision and the scar will fade and lighten over the next several months and can be hidden by the patient’s bra or bathing suit top.

Back Lift surgery scar before and after
The scar after back lift surgery

How Much Does Bra-line of Back Lift Surgery Cost In Georgia?

The cost of back lift surgery can differ greatly depending on factors such as location, surgeon, how much excess skin and fat need to be removed, etc. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the starting cost of a back lift is typically between $6000-$10,000.

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