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A thigh lift (thighplasty) is a surgical cosmetic procedure that eliminates loose or saggy skin from the thighs. The procedure often also includes liposuction to get rid of stubborn fat accumulations and create natural-looking results.

Dr. Angelina Postoev, a highly skilled, triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, offers thigh lift surgery in Atlanta. She is one of only a few thighplasty surgery experts in the country and performs the procedure at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics.

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Types Of Thigh Lifts

Inner Thigh Lift

  • An inner or medial thigh lift targets the inner part of the thigh and works best for people who have reached their ideal weight but still have sagging or extra skin in the inner thigh area. An incision is made in the natural crease of the groin; the loose skin is pulled up, tightened, and stitched into place, leaving a smoother and more toned appearance. The length of the incision is determined by the amount of loose skin that needs to be removed. The incision can be very short, which is often called a mini thigh lift, or can extend to under the buttock cheek. It is often called a scarless thigh lift because the scars are well hidden in the crease.
  • An extended medial thighplasty involves the same steps as the medial thigh lift but also includes an incision that runs from the groin area down the inside of the thigh to the knee area. This allows for a greater degree of correction as a larger volume of loose skin can be eliminated.
  • A crescent thigh lift works well for people with small to moderate amounts of loose skin, often due to aging rather than significant weight loss. A single incision is made along the natural curve where the top of the thigh meets the groin, and the surgeon removes a small crescent-shaped section of excess skin and fat from the inner thigh, then tightens and stitches the remaining skin in place, resulting in a smoother, more toned appearance.

Outer Thigh Lift

  • A lateral or bilateral thigh lift is often done after a significant weight loss to remove excess skin and fat from the outer thigh area. It can also extend to the front of the thigh, depending on the amount of correction needed. Lateral thighplasty surgery is one of the most challenging to perform because this area has heavier and denser skin and tissue and requires a surgeon like Dr. Angelina Postoev, who possesses a high level of expertise in this procedure.

360-Degree Thigh Lift

  • A spiral thighplasty provides the most correction and is typically done after an individual loses a massive amount of weight and is left with a debilitating volume of loose, hanging skin. It is a combination of an extended medial thigh lift and a bilateral thigh lift that removes loose skin and tissue all the way around the thigh.

Who is a Candidate for A Thigh Lift?

If you have loose or sagging skin on your thighs that has not improved with diet and exercise, a thigh lift might be a good option for you. A thighplasty can provide the right kind of correction if you’ve lost a lot of weight and are left with a large amount of excess skin, or if aging has caused your skin to become crepey and loose. Removing the extra skin and tissue can improve mobility and boost your self-confidence. A consultation with Dr. Angelina will help you determine if a thigh lift will help you accomplish your aesthetic goals.


If you are planning to undergo thighplasty surgery, there are some things you can start doing to ensure you get the results that you desire and have a stress-free recovery.

The first important thing you need to do is choose the surgeon who will perform your procedure. The skill and expertise of the surgeon will have the biggest impact on your results and recovery, so it is critical that you don’t do something like just search “thigh lift near me’ and pick the first surgeon that comes up. Since this surgery is one of the trickiest to perform, it is best to find a seasoned expert, even if you need to travel out of your area for your thighplasty.

Some of the steps you can take to prepare for your thigh lift include:

  • Plan time off work;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Adjust any medications (like blood thinners and aspirin) as directed by Dr. Angelina;
  • Keep up with a regular exercise routine and healthy diet so your weight remains stable;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol;
  • Get the prescriptions Dr. Angelina provides you with filled in advance;
  • Go over the recovery instructions with Dr. Angelina and get all your questions answered;
  • Arrange for help with housework, children, and pets;
  • Find someone to drive you to and from the surgery;
  • Prepare a comfortable sleeping area where you can rest in a reclined position. You may find it helpful to have a mini fridge within arms reach along with several entertainment options (books, crosswords, music sources, television remote, etc.);
  • Stock up on healthy snacks, and prepare and freeze meals ahead of time.

Advanced planning can help your recovery go much smoother and give you the much-needed rest time you will need so your body can heal properly.

Procedure Steps



The patient is usually sedated with general anesthesia through an IV to keep them asleep and comfortable during the procedure.



The surgical area will be thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection and then covered with a sterile drape.



Dr. Angelina will meticulously make the appropriate incisions that correspond with the type of thigh lift she is performing. The placement and length will be dependent on the extent of correction needed.



Dr. Angelina uses Vaser liposuction to remove excess fat from the thighs, which liquefies fat before it is gently suctioned out through a small tube, making it easier to excise the loose skin. This technique targets only fat cells, reducing trauma and bruising and often eliminating the need for surgical drains.



Next, Dr. Angelina will remove any loose, excess skin and tighten the remaining skin on the thigh to create a smoother, firmer appearance.



To complete the procedure, she will close the incisions with layers of sutures and surgical tape, taking all measures to minimize scarring.



Once Dr. Angelia completes the thighplasty surgery, patients will be transferred to a recovery room and monitored until she clears them to go home.


Every patient will recover from a thighplasty at their own pace, but those in good health and who are non-smokers (or exposed to secondhand smoke) will recover the fastest. It is important that you follow Dr. Angelina’s instructions so your recovery is free from complications. She wants her patients to begin walking around as soon as possible and not be sedentary because it helps mitigate risks and speeds up the recovery process. She also instructs her patients to faithfully wear their compression garments. Most patients can return to work in about two weeks and are cleared for most activities within about eight weeks.


Regardless of the type of thigh lift you undergo, the resulting scars are inevitable. Some of these scars will be well hidden in the natural creases of your body, and Dr. Angelina always strives to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

How To Maximize Thigh Lift Results?

Many patients who are looking to get dramatic results from a thighplasty also undergo a tummy tuck or a Brazilian butt lift at the same time. These procedures can be done as an extension of the thigh area, so the surgery creates results that are more balanced, contoured, and natural-looking.

Before And After Thighplasty

We invite you to look at our thigh lift before-and-after picture gallery to see the results that are possible. These photos clearly show a marked difference between before and after the loose skin and fat were removed.

Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift

How Much Does A Thigh Lift Cost In Atlanta, GA?

When comparing surgical quotes, make sure you fully understand what is included in the price. Some surgeons only quote their base price for the surgery, which does not include all the other added fees for services such as the facility use fee, fees for the anesthesiologist, medication, surgeon fees, etc. In Atlanta, at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics, the cost of a thigh lift starts at around $10,150 and is “all-inclusive,” meaning there are no hidden or non-disclosed fees. The final price will depend upon the type of thigh lift performed and whether you choose to combine it with other cosmetic surgeries or procedures.


Five Stars Rating

Had an incredible surgical experience with Dr. Angelina and the entire team of caregivers. Would highly recommend this facility to anyone!

– Ashley

Five Stars Rating

Angelina and the staff in this office are amazing. They explain the details of the procedure, make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The office setting is very professional and the pricing was reasonable compared to other locations. Worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this office. Five stars in my book.

– Samantha

Five Stars Rating

Dr. Angelina and her whole team are amazing! They make every visit comfortable and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you for making my experience the best!

– Stephanie

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Is thigh lift surgery covered by insurance?

Thigh lift surgery is not typically covered by medical insurance companies because it is considered cosmetic surgery. It has been assigned a thighplasty CPT code of 15832 to identify the removal of skin from the thigh area. Medical professionals and insurance companies use information like thigh lift CPT codes as a standard way to describe the procedure.

How can I sit after a thigh lift?

Depending on the extent of your surgery, Dr. Angelina might suggest lying down or reclining for the first week. Sitting down after a thigh lift can be tricky, but there are ways to sit and not put stress on your incision sites. She can offer tips for sitting and using the bathroom right after surgery, so you don’t put too much pressure on the incisions.

What should I wear after a thigh lift?

After a thigh lift, Dr. Angelina will require that you wear compression garments to keep the swelling down as much as possible. Aside from your compression garments, she recommends you wear comfortable loose clothing made from breathable fabrics such as cotton, so you will be as comfortable as possible during your recovery.

How should I sleep after a thigh lift?

It may be challenging to sleep and avoid putting pressure on your incisions after a thigh lift, especially if you usually sleep on your stomach. You will need to sleep on your back with your legs elevated using a couple of pillows for at least a few days. Many patients choose to sleep in a recliner for at least the first week to keep from straining their incisions. You should also avoid rubbing your legs together and prevent them from touching during this time, so you don’t experience chafing or moisture buildup.

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