Painless Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Tones Is Now Possible!

Many people do not like excess body hair, I think it’s fair to say that no one does. Both, men and women seek solutions to remove the unwanted hair in different body areas efficiently, and preferably, permanently. As we all know by now, laser hair removal provides effective and permanent results but there is one detail that is important: it may not work the same way for people with light and dark skin.

Today we are going to talk about laser hair removal for darker skin tones, best laser hair removal equipment, benefits, results, and options you have in Atlanta, GA.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work For Dark Skin?

There are many myths circulating around suggesting that laser hair removal does not work for darker skin tones. That was true some years ago. Lasers were designed to work only on patients with light skin and dark hair because the contrast between the light skin and the dark hair helps target the follicles.

However, nowadays, due to technology growth, patients with dark skin can be treated successfully with advanced laser hair removal equipment. New lasers work safely and efficiently on a wider range of skin tones. The concept is simple: the darker the skin, the weaker the laser energy is, and vice versa: the lighter the skin, the more powerful the laser is.

Best Lasers For Dark Skin Tones

There are several types of laser hair removal machines that are used widely for darker skin tones ensuring the best possible results.

Diode Laser

This laser works well for all ranges of skin tones, from light to dark. The device doesn’t damage skin working as gently as possible. It impacts hair in the active growth stage. “Sleeping” hair needs to be treated later. The energy is absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Nd: YAG Laser

Nd: YAG laser works well on the darker skin tones. This laser’s wavelength reaches deeper into the skin compared to diode lasers. It can pass the melanin in your skin, this is the reason it works. After an Nd: Yag laser session, hair reduces in about 5 to 20 days. However, some patients report pain when using Nd:YAG laser.

Motus AY

This is the laser equipment that we use at Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics! It’s the first high-speed, painless hair removal laser that’s safe for all skin types and tones. The handpiece involves breakthrough technology that delivers fast, more efficient energy to destroy the hair in a way that is painless and free from side effects. It allows a large area of the body to be treated in 5 minutes or less. This laser is also effective on brown spots, small leg veins, and vascular Lesions.

The Risks Of Laser Hair Removal On Darker Skin Tones

The most common side effects of laser hair removal on darker skin tones include hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation means dark spots on the skin caused by excessive melanin production. Patients of almost any skin tone can develop hyperpigmentation, but people of color are significantly more prone to it.

Hypopigmentation means patches of lighter skin that can occur after lasers stimulate melanin in the skin. If this side effect happens, it is usually because the laser hair removal procedure is done incorrectly. So make sure that you trust your skin to experienced laser hair removal experts who use the best equipment (like Motus AY).

How to Care for Your Skin after a Laser Hair Removal Procedure

After laser hair removal, patients are usually given specific instructions that they should follow to ensure the best results. While some of them may be based on your individual skin needs, the universal advice that will apply to every patient includes:

  • Don’t spend time in the sun a week before and after the treatment.
  • Do not exercise for a day or two.
  • Avoid steam rooms for a few days after the procedure.
  • Don’t take a hot shower or a hot tub.
  • Apply aloe vera in the treatment area.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

In Atlanta (as nearly everywhere else), prices normally differ depending on the size of the treatment area and its location on your body. Surgicare Arts packages of 8 treatments range from $450 to $1,800. As always, we encourage you to check our specials on a regular basis. Sometimes, painless laser hair removal is on the list!

During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the cost of your treatment and share information about our flexible financing options.

At Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics, you will be treated by well trained and very experienced laser hair removal specialists with more than 20 years of experience to ensure the best possible results.

In Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Buckhead, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia, Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, provide painless laser hair removal services for men and women.

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