Non-Surgical Scarless Breast Lift: Does It Exist?

A non-surgical scarless breast lift might seem a very attractive alternative to surgical mastopexy. However, false information on the web might confuse women. Dr. Angelina, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, has answered your questions to finally clarify what a woman can do to fix her saggy breasts in the least invasive way.

Lately, I Have Been Seeing A Lot Of Hype About Scarless Breast Lifts. Is This a Real Thing?

Dr. Angelina: Let’s start with the basics. The most common procedures available are surgical. First, there are surgical implants that would act as a breast lift for some people. If the nipple is kind of droopy and there is a loss of volume, from having babies, breastfeeding, age, weight loss, etc. it can be filled up with an implant and that would kind of lift the breast up.

Next, there is a true surgical lift. A breast implant is put in and then the skin around it is lifted up surgically. Breast augmentation scars can vary, they can be located just around the areola or a lollipop incision which is the one around the areola and vertically down, or an anchor scar, which is the lollipop with a curve under it. All of these are normal types of breast surgery scars and they all heal great, and most people are happy whether they are doing a reduction, a reduction with a lift, or a lift with implants.

I Have Heard That Skin Tightening Can Work as a Non-Surgical Breast Lift. Is It True?

Dr. Angelina: Another procedure that is being referred to as an option for a scarless breast lift is a skin tightening technique with liposuction. Generally, we do not try to do breast liposuction as we are trying to add volume and shrink the skin, or both. But the BodyTite™ procedure which is radio-frequency skin tightening can be done on the face, body, belly, back, thighs, etc.

BodyTite™ can also be done on the breast for the appropriate patient. So if the nipple is hanging down or a bit droopy due to gravity, weight loss, or other reasons I mentioned previously, and we want to bring that nipple up 1-2 cm, BodyTite can potentially do that resulting in a non-surgical no scar breast lift.

The challenge is that everyone has different skin and different skin elasticity so if you already have a lot of stretch marks or the skin is already very thin, then your skin is not going to shrink as much as someone who has very good, elastic skin.

Is Fat Transfer An Option For A Non-Surgical Breast Lift?

Dr. Angelina: We may be able to get 1-3 cm of lift with BodyTite and we can combine that technique with fat transfer to the breasts which is also a technique that would be like a scarless breast lift for smaller breasts to fill up that upper portion. We can take fat from the belly or somewhere else and then put it into the upper breast area to give it that lifting effect.

We can also use that same technique for women whose breasts are not equal as it is very common for women to have one breast that is slightly larger than the other. We can combine the techniques of shrinking the skin a little bit to lift the nipple up, and add volume with the fat transfer so that we have a non-surgical, minimally invasive, virtually no scar breast lift type of procedure. The scar, in this case, would only be a tiny little incision where the BodyTite™ instrument would have to enter to complete the procedure but no actual scar that would go around the areola, nipple, or breast itself.

Fat transfer can only go so far and care must be taken to add just the right amount to achieve a more natural breast lift.

I would not recommend overdoing it with fat transfer to the breasts mostly because if you do too much fat transfer to the breast area, it may become cystic, and you would be coming back with painful cysts that have to be drained (liquid fat that didn’t survive the transfer), and you would be better off with implants.

What Advice Do You Have for Someone Who Desires to Improve the Look of Their Breasts?

Dr. Angelina: If you are looking for some type of breast augmentation procedure, talk to a skilled cosmetic surgeon who offers multiple options. This way during the consultation the doctor can tell you what will work for you, and things they would not recommend, and they can lay out options and expected results for you.

At SurgiCare Arts, we offer a large variety of procedures and techniques to enhance your breasts. Contact us today for an in-person or telehealth consultation with Dr. Angelina Postoev and learn more about the surgical and non-invasive breast lift options available to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer a variety of breast lift options to women in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Buckhead, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.

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