How Much Does Breast Fat Transfer Cost?

Every year in the United States over 300,000 women undergo breast augmentations which is the most often performed cosmetic surgery in the world. Statistics published in 2018 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) noted that the U.S. led the world with the number of breast augmentations recorded at 17.6%.

In 2018 the recorded number of breast reconstruction procedures was around 101,657 according to the ASPS and approximately 18% of these were done with the fat transfer technique (autologous).

Historically, reconstructions have been performed using silicone or saline implants but using a combination of an implant and fat transfer or fat transfer alone is gaining popularity. Many women want to know how fat transfer works to enhance breasts, where the transferred fat comes from, and how much fat transfer to the breasts costs.

What Is A Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Traditional breast augmentation uses breast implants made from a silicone shell and filled with either silicone gel or saline solution to enlarge and enhance a woman’s breasts. A fat transfer augmentation uses excess fat from the same person and is extracted from any area of the body that has enough unwanted fat to harvest.

A fat transfer breast augmentation begins with liposuction to harvest the fat from other areas. The fat is processed to remove any impurities and then injected into targeted locations in the breasts. This process is also sometimes called a natural boob job or natural augmentation because no foreign object (implant) is introduced to the body. In addition to being natural, the procedure leaves very little if any visible scarring which is appealing to some women.

What Influences A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

Since this is a newer procedure, many women are just hearing about this technique and wonder if breast augmentation with fat transfer is worth it. Every situation is different and patients with skin sensitivity or allergies to silicone may opt for going a more natural route to avoid a negative reaction or rejection from their body.

Many women ask “Is fat transfer cheaper?” and the answer is no, it is more expensive because two procedures are performed: liposuction and then the fat is transferred to the breasts. The cost of fat transfer to the breast can also be influenced by other factors which include:

1. The liposuction procedure used
The technique or equipment used to harvest fat and the area(s) of the body from which the fat is taken will influence the overall cost of the procedure. The surgeon must take care to remove fat so the end result is not lumpy or misshapen, taking extra time to provide natural-looking results.
2. The surgeon
It is critical to choose a cosmetic surgeon who is trained and highly skilled in the fat transfer process. If the surgeon transfers too much fat the patient can end up with a significant amount of fat necrosis. Fat necrosis is the term used to describe the death of fat cells and if a large amount of fat dies after being transferred to the breasts it can become problematic.

These dead fat cells can lead to bubbles or lumps that hurt, hard calcified lumps, or oily cystic lumps. In addition to creating aesthetic deformities and pain, these lumps are hard to delineate on a breast cancer scan because they look very similar.

Also, your body will reabsorb some of the fat that is transferred treating it like any other bodily fat. It is normal for between 20-50% of the fat that is transferred to be reabsorbed. A cosmetic surgeon skilled in fat transfer to breast technique will know how to carefully handle the fat and the correct amount to inject to minimize these complications.

3. Geographical location
The cost of fat transfer to the breast may cost more or less depending on where you are having your surgery. For instance, the chart below shows a comparison of the average price for liposuction in a few different U.S. Cities.

Chart: Liposuction Costs In The United States
City Average Cost Lowest Cost Highest Cost
West Palm Beach $4,550 $1,000 $5,900
Boston $6,850 $3,250 $8,500
Orange County $5,925 $2,800 $10,000

You can see from the example that the cost of liposuction is less expensive in West Palm Beach than in Boston so a fat transfer procedure that utilizes liposuction will be more expensive in Boston.

4. The provider
In addition to the surgeon and their fees, other factors that can influence how much a fat transfer breast augmentation costs may include:

  • The cost of implants if they are also being used (silicone vs saline);
  • The equipment used for the procedure;
  • The type of facility utilized (private operating facility or hospital operating room);
  • Pre and post-operative care and appointments.

Why Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost So Much?

When comparing the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation to the costs associated with implants alone, it may seem as if it is much more expensive. Breast implant surgery alone averages about $4,500 (base price) and then the cost of the liposuction procedure is added. Patients using this method of breast augmentation are getting two procedures that are being performed during the same surgery.

Should I Look For The Lowest Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

Although being frugal in other aspects of life makes a lot of sense, in this instance, a very low-price quote from a provider may be cause for concern. It is important to remember that this procedure is very delicate, contains several steps, and will require a highly trained specialist to perform. The steps required for a typical fat transfer to the breast include:

  • The fat is harvested from other regions of the body through liposuction;
  • The fat purification process takes place to create the tissue graft;
  • The fat graft tissue is injected into the breasts.

A less expensive price does not always add up to a good value nor does a very expensive price mean the most value. Do your research, get recommendations when choosing the surgeon and practice to perform your procedure.

How Much Does Fat Transfer To Breast Cost In Atlanta?

The exact cost of your fat transfer to breast procedure will be based on many of the factors outlined in this article. The average cost in the Atlanta area for breast augmentation through fat transfer typically starts between $10,000-$13,000. To find out how much a breast augmentation with fat transfer will be for you in Atlanta, set up a consultation with Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics today.

Dr. Angelina Postoev, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, and her team of professionals deliver the experience necessary and the highest quality of patient care to provide the optimal results you want. Contact us today and learn how we can help you obtain your aesthetic goals and desires.

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