evoke facial remodeling and evolve body contouring

Evoke & Evolve by InMode: Facial Remodeling without Surgery

Non-invasive nonsurgical aesthetic treatments can offer natural yet noticeable enhancement of the face and body without risks and lengthy recovery associated with surgery. Evoke facial remodeling and Evolve body contouring by InMode are some of our favorite ones that are very safe and very effective.

Have you looked in the mirror at your body and noticed cellulite? Or realized that your face has gained volume near your chin or neck? You may see skin that was once firm and taught now starting to sag and make you look older. Noticing the natural signs of aging can be discouraging and cause you to lose your confidence. Historically there has been little available to help those of us who do not wish to “age-gracefully” without going through extensive surgery.

Through some amazing enhancements in technology in the cosmetic treatment industry, there are a series of nonsurgical treatments that can help restore a more youthful look and turn back the hands of time! Without surgery! And can you imagine, you can even do these treatments during your lunch hour! I hear you saying NO WAY? But it is true!

Evoke and Evolve by InMode: What Are These Magic Treatments?

Every person deserves to feel attractive! Unfortunately, the more we age, the less we tend to feel that way. The signs of aging show up on our faces much earlier than most other places because our bodies’ natural production of elastin and collagen significantly slow down. This slowdown, combined with other natural effects of getting older can cause our faces to go through many changes. As we lose the natural elasticity in our skin, it can start to sag in places like our cheeks and jowls causing us to look older and heavier than we are. No one wants or likes that!

Innovative procedures like Evoke Face, Neck, and Evolve Trim, Tone, Tite are game-changers for those of us who have decided to fight the signs of aging until we are at least 100 years old! If you are interested in hearing more about these amazing procedures that seem to have magical powers, read on!

Video: Evoke Facial Remodeling by InMode

Evoke For Facial and Neck Anti-Aging and Contouring

Evoke procedures use radiofrequency energy to heat the subdermal layers of skin to remodel the face and neck and counteract visible signs of aging. During our youth, our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin which is what keeps our skin hydrated, tight, and wrinkle-free. As we age, the production crew in these areas start to slack off and the warm energy from the RF kicks this crew back into accelerated production. This helps create new, healthy skin cells in our faces and neck to remodel, define, and contour those areas.

The Magical Devices Used In Evoke Face and Neck

The hands-free devices used during an Evoke Face or Neck treatment look like some sort of virtual reality game headgear and are awkwardly substantial but not uncomfortable. One patient said she felt like she looked like a modern-day stormtrooper from Star Wars!

These devices work by emitting radiofrequency with artificial intelligence through gentle contact pads that sit on your cheeks and heat up slightly. The energy flows from one pad to another, specifically and systematically targeting areas of the skin that have not yet been heated. This ensures that the exact amount of RF is distributed to provide the results desired without the worry of over or under-treating areas.

Evoke Facial Remodeling Step by Step

  1. A clear gel, similar to the kind used during an ultrasound, is applied to the face in the areas where the contact pads will sit
  2. The appropriate headgear attachment will be fitted to the patient’s head and adjusted to the desired position.
  3. The patient is given a “call button” just in case they feel at all uncomfortable or anything seems amiss. One press of this button will bring a member of the medical team into the room to address any concerns.
  4. The patient is guided as to how to sit, etc. and the Evoke treatment begins. After approximately 20 – 45 minutes, depending on desired results and the area targeted, the treatment is completed.
  5. The headgear is removed and the patient’s face is wiped clean of the gel. There may be some slight red marks or indentations where the headgear was sitting but they will go away within the hour. (They are similar to the ones we get when we lean on something for a short while).

The patient’s face will feel a bit tight for a day or two but will then revert to normal, however, the rf will have succeeded in promoting collagen production and more results will appear gradually.

When Will I See Results From Evoke Face or Neck?

Some patients notice some immediate results while for the others results take a while longer. Comparing before and after profile pictures show a marked difference! Normally patients require anywhere from 3-6 treatments to achieve desired results and then yearly maintenance.

Facial remodeling with Evoke Face and Neck

Benefits of Evoke Treatments

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical so no incisions;
  • Totally painless and performed with no anesthetic;
  • No recovery or downtime is necessary;
  • Evoke is extremely safe;
  • Safe for all skin types;
  • The procedure is quick and can normally be done during a lunch break.

Evolve Body Contouring

Like the Evoke facial remodeling, there are also treatments available for the body! Thank you technology! Even if you work out and are a health nut, you can still experience cellulite and unwanted fat deposits that just refuse to budge.

Body contouring is one of the fastest emerging cosmetic procedures right now and is usually suggested for patients who are at a healthy weight but desire to improve the look of their skin or enhance body contours. Loose or saggy skin can cause us to look older or be embarrassed to wear certain clothing. Evolve body contouring procedures can address these problem areas by tightening and smoothing skin and creating contours without surgery.

What Evolve Treatments Are Available?

Three Evolve treatments are available that specifically work to eliminate the most common body issues we all face. They can be performed on an individual basis or combined to obtain the desired result.

Evolve Tite – Targeted radiofrequency is used to re-shape and contour the body by delivering heat energy to the skin and the subdermal layer stimulating the manufacturing of collagen which tightens and smooths skin.

Evolve Trim – Although Evolve Trim is not intended for weight loss or large area fat removal, it targets unwanted fat deposits and cellulite by reaching the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat and combining the heat with a negative tissue vacuum which induces the death of the apoptosis of the fat cells. Evoke Trim helps to reduce unwanted fat deposits without surgery, as well as addressing and alleviating cellulite providing a more sculpted smooth appearance.

Evolve Tone – Revitalizes muscles through electrical means (EMS) to increase their strength and improve their look by stimulating involuntary muscle contractions.

Evolve Trim and Tite Before & After
Body contouring with Evolve Trim and Tite

The entire family of Evolve and Evoke procedures are non-surgical, painless, quick, and require no recovery or downtime. They are all safe for every skin type and solutions are customized for each patient.

If you are interested in a quick, painless treatment to help turn back the clock and fight the aging process, set up a consultation with us today! Dr. Angelina Poestoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon can create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desired aesthetic.

At SurgiCare Arts, Dr. Angelina Postoev, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer Evoke and the Suite of Evolve treatments for men and women in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. Contact us at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation.

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