Non-Invasive Fat Removal: CoolScupting alternatives

Things You Should Know about Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Non-invasive fat removal procedures are those that make you look slimmer and more contoured without incisions, general anesthesia, scarring, and long recoveries. Today we are going to talk about the most popular among them: Evolve, BodyTite®, Kybella®, and BodyFX.

Some people are just lucky and are born with amazing genes that bestow upon them a slim, attractive, beautifully sculpted physique that takes barely any effort on their part to maintain. Then, there are the rest of us! We may begin our early youth slim, trim, and contoured but as age, gravity, and life take their toll, our body fat begins to shift, re-distribute, and even becomes more prevalent.

Then let’s throw in a pandemic, with lockdowns and fewer arenas for physical activity, and these fat cells are having a heyday. If you have some extra fat cells that have taken up residence and refuse to leave, no matter what you do, then you will be happy to learn about some of the most popular procedures that can help eliminate these problem areas.

What Is Subcutaneous Fat?

The type of fat that lies just beneath the skin’s surface is called subcutaneous fat. This is the type of fat that is jiggly, and you can pinch it between your fingers. It is also the kind of fat that creates an issue when you are trying to fit into your favorite pair of jeans.

Subcutaneous fat is not the bad guy though, it actually exists to protect the connective tissues, deeper structures, and organs located beneath it. It becomes problematic when an individual has too much subcutaneous fat and can affect your health and your self-esteem as well. Diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle all contribute to how much subcutaneous fat we carry. However, genetics determine where any excess fat will collect.

How To Remove Subcutaneous Fat Without Surgery

A healthy diet and exercise have always been the best way to maintain a healthy weight and slim body. However, stubborn fat deposits can still create problem areas. In the past, the only option to help get rid of these pesky pockets of unwanted fat was a liposuction procedure.

A liposuction is still a great option for some people who have a moderate amount of fat to remove but for those individuals who have milder fat deposits, some revolutionary treatments can remove that fat and tighten skin without surgery!

The advancements in cosmetic technology have made it possible to contour and sculpt areas of the body during your lunch break with virtually no downtime. These procedures and techniques are called non-invasive because they are completely nonsurgical, performed without the use of general anesthesia, and do not require long recovery times.

It is no surprise that these procedures are rapidly gaining attention and popularity. In fact, independent research is predicting that  by 2022 non-invasive fat removal will be a 1.1 billion dollar industry .

Let’s talk about some of the different procedures and techniques available for nonsurgical fat removal.

What Are The Best Options for Non-Invasive Fat Removal?


BodyTite by InMode removes unwanted fat deposits and tightens skin using radiofrequency energy. An external applicator is used to tighten the skin while an internal probe treats the areas with thermal energy, melting fat and fortifying the collagen production system.

Non-invasive fat removal with BodyTite before and after photos
Non-invasive fat removal with BodyTite™
Non-invasive fat removal with BodyTite before and after photos
Non-invasive fat removal with BodyTite™
Non-invasive fat reduction with BodyTite before and after photos
Non-invasive fat reduction with BodyTite™

For those with a moderate amount of body fat and loose skin, BodyTite is a great option because it delivers results without the extensive downtime associated with surgery.

Typically, patients begin to see results in about 3 days, then improvements continue gradually for the next three weeks when significant results should be seen. The added bonus is that BodyTite promotes collagen production so patients continue to see additional skin tightening for months.

While much less invasive than traditional liposuction or surgery, BodyTite is considered a minimally invasive procedure because it does require one tiny incision so the surgeon can insert one of the instruments necessary to perform the procedure.


Kybella is a synthetically created copy of a naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid found in the human body that works to metabolize fat. Kybella is an injectable treatment for non-invasive fat removal.

Kybella is administered through a series of injections and permanently destroys subcutaneous fat in the areas treated as well as tightens the surrounding skin. Once injected it begins destroying unwanted fat cells without touching surrounding tissue. The fat cells are eliminated gradually by our body’s natural metabolic process. The results of Kybella are permanent because fat cells that are destroyed do not grow back again.

The FDA approved Kybella in 2015 for use in eliminating excess submental fat that accumulates under the chin. Patients have been pleased with Kybella’s ability to eliminate their double chins and jump-start collagen production leaving them a more youthful appearance.

Kybella® For Body Sculpting

Many surgeons have found that Kybella successfully removes unwanted fat in other areas of the body even though it is currently only FDA-approved for use underneath the chin.

In fact, in both the United States and Europe, Kybella has been successfully used for body contouring and reducing fat on the stomach, around the elbow, love handles, upper arms, and knees.

When considering your options for removing excess fat, it is essential that you look at the entire picture including the recovery elements.

While Kybella is non-surgical and does not require general anesthesia, obtaining the results normally requires more than one session with several injections done at each session. After each session, there is a period of recovery and patients can experience moderate to substantial swelling that lasts about 2 weeks.


BodyFX is a procedure that treats cellulite and helps smooth and contour the body. BodyFX is performed using a combination of clinically proven techniques combining energy from radiofrequency, deep tissue heating, and negative pressure suction to heat and contract the underlying tissues and fat which smooths and tones the skin. Most patients need between 8-12 treatments, and then quarterly maintenance thereafter. There is no associated downtime with BodyFX.

Evolve & CoolSculpting: Same Goals, Opposite Technologies

Two of the most asked about procedures to eliminate and treat unwanted fat deposits and cellulite are Evolve and CoolSculpting. The slimming and tightening results offered from both procedures are similar but the technology used is very different and affects the body in different ways.

Evolve Treatments

Three available treatments make up the Evolve family: Evolve Tite, Evolve Trim and Evolve Tone. Evolve by InMode utilizes advanced radiofrequency and EMS technology to reduce fat, contour the body, tighten, and smooth the skin.

Evolve Tite – Radiofrequency is utilized to create pleasing body contours through the application of heat energy to the subdermal layer of the skin. This process not only destroys the fat cells but stimulates the future production of collagen to perpetuate a youthful look by continuing to tighten and smooth the skin.

Evolve Trim and Tite Before & After
Non-invasive body contouring with Evolve Trim and Tite

Evolve Trim – Targets fat deposits and cellulite by using radiofrequency to reach deeper layers of subcutaneous fat. Heat energy and a negative tissue vacuum are combined to eliminate fat cells, address cellulite, and smooth skin providing more definite body contour and younger-looking skin.

Evolve Tone – Uses a different type of technology called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) which works by creating involuntary muscle contractions. EMS increases the strength in the muscles and refines their overall look. It is like sending your abdomen muscles to the gym without you! Who needs sit-ups or crunches anyway?

Video: Evolve Treatments for Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

All of the Evolve treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical. They are safe for all skin types and are quick and painless. Most patients say that they are relaxed throughout the entire procedure and can read, surf the net, or nap during their treatments.

There is no recovery time, and patients often schedule these treatments during their lunch hour. Treatments take between 20-50 minutes and most patients need 3 to 8 treatments but their results can be quite dramatic. Most people notice an increase in muscle definition and a significant decrease in excess fat and jiggly skin as early as after the first treatment. The final results will take between 8 to 12 weeks since collagen production will continue to gradually perform its magic.


CoolSculpting is often used as an alternative to liposuction and is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that eliminates unwanted fat cells. It is a non-surgical solution to remove stubborn fat pockets that have not responded to diet or exercise, and similarly to Evolve, CoolSculpting can be used anywhere on the body.

Unlike Evolve, CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells from under the skin’s surface by using extremely cold temperatures. This causes the fat cells to die and then be discarded by the body. The CoolSculpting procedure is done through a device that is strapped onto your skin and then allowed to run for 30 minutes to one hour. After the treatment is finished, the area treated is massaged thoroughly.

One patient described this part as intensely uncomfortable. Four or five treatment cycles are needed to see results but like Evolve, these results can be dramatic with up to a 25% reduction in fat. Like Evolve, it normally takes several months to see the full effect of the treatment.

Evolve Vs. CoolSculpting

Neither procedure requires any recovery or downtime, and regular activities can be resumed right away. Patients have reported feeling a bit of muscle fatigue similar to after a workout at the gym and some experienced light swelling.

Besides the different technology (heat vs. cold), the biggest difference in the final results. Evolve offers fat reduction, muscle toning, and skin tightening, while CoolSculpting focuses solely on fat reduction. At SurgiCare Arts, we offer the Evolve family of products that work together to deliver the best possible results.

If you have areas of unwanted body fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise, you are not alone. Many others have sought help for removing stubborn fat, and you have come to the right place!

At SurgiCare Arts, we want you to achieve the desired aesthetic goal and we will help guide you through the process. The first step is to set up a consultation with Dr. Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, so she can learn more about you and your desired results. Next, you and Dr. Angelina will come up with a customized plan that includes the procedures that will best fit your needs and goals. Finally, you will enjoy your new, more toned, smooth, sculpted physique!

Dr. Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer a variety of nonsurgical, non-invasive fat removal procedures for men and women in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Buckhead, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia.

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