When Would You Need Liposuction On The Back Of Your Neck?

As we get older, our metabolisms naturally slow down, and we start to develop fat deposits in different areas of our bodies. For the vast majority of people, this excess fat develops in the typical regions of the buttocks, abdomen, and legs; however, for some people, it can develop in areas that are less typical.

Some individuals accumulate excess fat on or around their necks, which can detract from their physical appearance and make them feel self-conscious. Today we are going to talk about neck fat and how liposuction can quickly and easily eliminate it.

Neck Fat Is Resistant To Diet And Exercise

A well-defined neckline is a key part of a person’s overall facial profile, but for some, excess fat or sagging skin can accumulate in this region as a result of weight gain, genetics, medical conditions, etc.

Fat can accumulate in many different places on an individual’s neck and can make them appear older or heavier than they really are. Fat can make the neck appear exceptionally thick, disguising an individual’s natural jawline; it can present as a double chin; or it can cause neck rolls. It can even accumulate just below the back of their neck and cause a visibly raised pocket of fat, often referred to as a “buffalo hump.”

One of the biggest issues with neck fat is that it is very hard to get rid of because it is usually unresponsive to diet and exercise. The good news is that advancements in cosmetic procedures have included new, improved liposuction techniques that can safely and quickly address issues with neck fat.

Neck Liposuction Provides Excellent Results

Liposuction on the back of the neck, under the neck, or on the sides of the neck can yield dramatic, life-changing results. The procedure can effectively reduce excess fat on a large neck to reduce its size and reveal a slimmer, more elegant neck.

It can eliminate the excess fat that has gathered under an individual’s chin, causing it to roll once or twice, which causes what is called a “double chin.” Even patients who are physically active and relatively slim can experience a double chin. A quick liposuction procedure can remove this excess fat and it’s goodbye double chin!

What Is Buffalo Hump Neck Fat?

A “buffalo hump” is a common term used to describe a surplus of fat that accumulates at the base of the neck and between the shoulders (the dorsocervical fat pad).

Buffalo hump

Why Does It Occur?

Fat accumulation in this area may occur due to a genetic predisposition (hereditary) or obesity, but it can also be an indication of an underlying medical issue such as:

  • Cushing’s syndrome;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Certain Medications;
  • Pituitary dysfunction;
  • Glandular conditions.

In most cases, a buffalo hump fat deposit has no direct connection to an individual’s health, but it can inhibit their range of motion. Liposuction can often be used to remedy this issue and also visibly improve the appearance of the lower neck and upper back. Because this type of fat deposit can, in rare cases, be linked to medical conditions, it is advised that you first consult a physician to establish the underlying cause before pursuing liposuction on the back of the neck.

How Does Back of the Neck Liposuction Work?

Unfortunately, the fat deposits that form on the dorsocervical fat pad tend to be of a more fibrous nature and therefore do not respond to traditional diet and exercise. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can remove excess fat on the back of your neck with liposuction.

Dr. Angelina Postoev, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics, will usually defer to the VASER technique of liposuction for the back of the neck if possible. Vaser can strategically target even small areas and remove fat without causing damage to other surrounding tissue.

During the liposuction procedure, a few small incisions are created in the treatment area which will be dependent on each patient’s specific situation. The amount of fat and its density may play a part in the liposuction technique used to remove the fat as well.

After the incisions are made, a special numbing solution is injected under the skin that will also help to loosen the fat cells targeted for removal. After the numbing solution has had time to kick in, a small, thin metal tube called a cannula is inserted into the incisions and is used to suction out the unwanted fat cells.

During traditional liposuction, the cannula is moved back and forth to help break up and dislodge the fat, but Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound waves to vibrate these cells lose, which is a much gentler way to loosen the cells. This reduces bruising, bleeding, and swelling and significantly shortens recovery time.

When the liposuction procedure is complete, patients are given special compression wraps to wear that will vary depending on the area treated. These special wraps will help reduce swelling and bruising and also helps maintain the newly created contours. Typically these are worn for a few weeks after neck liposuction.

Neck Liposuction Has Many Benefits

Liposuction on the back of the neck and other areas creates a more defined profile and smooth contours that naturally align with the rest of the individual’s physique. It can help many problem areas, including:

  • Improving the definition of the jaw;
  • Creating a more slender and graceful profile;
  • Eliminating a double or triple chin;
  • Tightening mild skin laxity;
  • Making the neck appear significantly younger;
  • The “buffalo hump” or excess fat on the back of the neck is removed restoring the back’s natural contour.

Neck liposuction can be beneficial to patients of all ages as long as their skin has sufficient elasticity. Patients who are older or have a moderate amount of loose skin may benefit from a neck lift.

Neck liposuction can be combined with other cosmetic treatments that tighten and improve the skin, such as Facetite, Evolve, or Morpheus8, for optimal results.

If you are unhappy with a double chin, lack definition in your jawline, suffer from buffalo hump or have any excess fat in your neck area that is detracting from your self-esteem, we can help! With targeted liposuction, Dr. Angelina can remove just the right amount of fat to shape your neck and the surrounding areas to look naturally contoured and defined.

Contact SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics today and schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns. Our caring team of professionals can answer your questions and share the different options available to you that will deliver the aesthetic results you desire. Make your appointment today and let us help you achieve your aesthetic desires.

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