Microdermabrasion vs Hydrafacial vs Diamond Glow Explained

We all want to look our best, and studies have proven that when you believe that you look good, it affects your whole demeanor. There are things we do every day to take care of our appearance, like brush our teeth, wash our faces, brush our hair, shower, etc. Then there are things we rely on professionals to help us with, like giving us a good haircut or going to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned.

Many people do not know this, but going to a professional once a month to get a deep cleaning facial should be part of our self-care routine. Approximately once a month, our skin cells turnover (old ones fall away and new ones surface). Even though we wash our faces every day, our skin is exposed to toxins and many other external influences that can push deep inside our pores, so using professional treatments can be very beneficial.

Let’s take a look at a procedure called microdermabrasion and how this quick in-office treatment can make a world of difference.

Why Would Microdermabrasion Be A Beneficial Treatment?

We brush our teeth every day, but every once in a while we need to go to the dentist to get a deep clean. This type of cleaning goes beyond what the average person can do for themselves at home. The same applies for keeping our skin in optimal condition.

Microdermabrasion removes impurities and helps get rid of the skin cells that have died and are slowly sloughing off. If these dead skin cells are allowed to pile up, it can create a bacteria-friendly environment, and we may experience breakouts.

Also, as we get older, our natural cell turnover slows down and our body produces less new collagen and elastin; our skin can begin to look dull, dry, and unhealthy. A quick microdermabrasion treatment once a month can help keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Are There Different Types Of Microdermabrasion?

There are two different techniques that are used to perform microdermabrasion, and to make it simple, you can think of these as dry or wet.

Dry Microdermabrasion
This technique uses tiny crystals to exfoliate the dead skin off the surface of the face and neck, so it is often called crystal microdermabrasion or microcrystal dermabrasion. This technique was first used in Italy and then found its way to the United States, where the first crystal microdermabrasion machine was FDA-approved in 1997.

During the facial, tiny crystals are sent through a wand and sprayed over the skin’s surface in the same manner as sandblasting, only much more gently and controlled. At the same time they are being ejected out of the tube, they are being vacuumed back up along with any dead skin cells. These are collected into a special jar on the side of the machine to be discarded. The crystals used are normally aluminum oxide because they have a hardness factor that is close to that of a diamond.

Using crystals results in a moderate exfoliation that works to improve lymphatic flow, cell division, and blood flow, all of which help bring dull, dead skin cells to the surface for a more thorough exfoliation.

After this dry microdermabrasion treatment, the skin is cleansed, and then special serums can be applied. The serum chosen will vary by patient based on factors such as their age and cosmetic concerns being addressed.

Wet Microdermabrasion
This technique uses a machine that is equipped with different attachments that are specifically designed to exfoliate different parts of the face. Depending on the machine, these attachments may be made from plastic or encrusted with tiny diamond crystals. Generally, the objective of the procedure is to exfoliate, but these wet microdermabrasion treatments also infuse the skin with different serums or solutions during the process.

Two of the most popular wet microdermabrasion treatments are the Diamond Glow facial and the Hydrafacial. These are the names of the machine or systems that are used to perform the treatment. When comparing dry microdermabrasion facial vs a Hydrafacial or a Diamond Glow, there are a few differences.

Wet Diamond Glow or Hydrafacial vs Microdermabrasion Done Dry With Crystals

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Type Of Treatment Description of Process Benefits
Dry Microdermabrasion with Crystals Dry crystals are sprayed on the surface of the skin while simultaneously vacuuming up dead skin cells and debris. Provides excellent exfoliation, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, addresses skin texture issues, enhances blood circulation, and jumpstarts the production of collagen.
Hydrafacial (Wet Microdermabrasion) A plastic exfoliation tip is used with a serum to loosen dead skin cells and then used to vacuum them up (5 plastic tips and 1 diamond tip).

During the exfoliation, the skin is also being infused with beneficial solutions.

Provides mild exfoliation, hydration, brightness, and clarity. In addition, it can reduce the signs of aging by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, boosting firmness, evening skin tone, texture, patches of discoloration, and shrinking pores.
Diamond Glow (Wet Microdermabrasion) A special diamond-encrusted exfoliation tip is used with a serum to remove dead skin cells and vacuum them away (6 different interchangeable diamond-encrusted tips).

During the process of removing the dead skin cells, the treatment also infuses the skin with beneficial serums targeted for the patient’s needs.

Provides deeper exfoliation, and treatment is customized to target specific needs; diminishes the signs of aging; rehydrates the skin; removes fine lines; and reduces wrinkles; deep cleans and reduces pores; plumps skin and lips; addresses hyperpigmentation; and can be used in delicate areas.

Overview Of The Wet Microdermabrasion Treatment

Each treatment is customized for the patient to address their specific needs or concerns.

A handheld device is used to administer this three-in-one treatment, which involves exfoliating dead skin cells, removing them from the surface of the skin along with other impurities, and delivering beneficial serums deep into the skin’s layers. As the device is passed over your face and neck, the diamond-tipped attachment or plastic tip loosens and immediately draws dead skin into a small plastic container that patients can observe at the end of their session. Most are amazed at all the debris that has been collected.

These treatments also offer benefits to the lymphatic system through the massage technique used by the technician and the suction from the machine.

Usually, two passes are performed in each area to ensure thorough exfoliation of the epidermis, resulting in an immediate improvement in clarity and brightness. Additionally, your face will feel softer, and makeup will apply more readily. Serums are administered during and at the end of the treatment to polish and seal tissues. Patients always mention how soft their faces feel and that their make-up seems to glide on effortlessly after their treatment.

Many patients finish their diamond microdermabrasion or hydrafacial with LED light therapy for optimal results. Red or blue light therapy helps the skin absorb the serums more deeply, and depending on the color of the light, it provides different benefits, such as anti-aging and skin-brightening properties for the skin or anti-bacterial benefits for reducing acne breakouts.

Who Is A Candidate For Microdermabrasion

Almost everyone can benefit from a form of microdermabrasion. Crystal microdermabrasion may not be suitable for candidates with acne or conditions such as rosacea. A consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will help to determine if you can benefit from the procedure.

When considering Diamond Glow microdermabrasion vs. Hydrafacial, it is important to note that Diamond Glow is FDA-approved for the treatment of active acne or cystic acne.

How Should I Prepare For A Microdermabrasion Facial vs Hydrafacial vs. Diamond Glow?

Due to the exfoliating nature of these treatments, preparation will be the same. Patients want to avoid sun exposure for up to a week before undergoing any microdermabrasion procedure. In addition, discontinue the use of facial products that contain acids (glycolic, hyaluronic, etc.). Drink plenty of water to ensure you are properly hydrated.

What Results Can I Expect From Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion with Diamond Glow can effectively address numerous facial cosmetic concerns.

  • remove impurities and dead skin;
  • improves fine lines and wrinkles;
  • improves acne and scarring;
  • increases Hydration.

After Diamond Glow microdermabrasion, 89% of the patients said their skin was plumper and more hydrated. 95% said their skin looked younger, and 90% said their skin glowed and they looked healthier and more radiant. Healthy skin is more beautiful and youthful-looking.

We should take care of our skin at home and use a gentle exfoliator twice a week, and then rely on professionals to handle the deep cleaning once every month or two. An in-office microdermabrasion facial is a perfect choice for this task.

Where Can I Get Microdermabrasion In Atlanta?

Dr. Angelina Postoev, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon with SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics, offers both crystal microdermabrasion and Diamond Glow microdermabrasion in Buckhead, Loganville, Duluth, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta as well as our Florida locations.

So get going and start glowing! Set up your consultation and get radiant skin today!

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