How Long Does It Take For Breast Implants To Heal?

Many women choose to have breast implant surgery (breast augmentation), which is an operation that alters the size and/or shape of the breasts. A woman may choose to undergo this procedure to enhance their curves and have larger breasts, to correct symmetry issues, or to correct sagging and replace lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss. Implants can be filled with a saline solution or a silicone gel and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

During the surgery, these special inserts are placed either beneath the chest muscles or on top of them, depending on the desired outcome. The recovery time for breast implants can vary depending on the patient’s specific circumstances, the type and size of the chosen implants, their placement, and the technique used to install them.

Today we are going to give an overview of the recovery after breast implants. This will assist those who are contemplating the surgery to know what to expect so they can plan for their recuperation process and ensure the best possible results.

How Long Does It Take For Breast Implants To Heal?

There are many factors that can influence the recovery time for breast implants, including their age, lifestyle, health history, and the specifics of their surgery.

The average time it takes for breast implants to heal is usually between six and eight weeks for most people, but everyone is different, so it can vary. Following is a basic timeline for breast implant recovery.

Before Your Surgery

During your recovery from breast implant surgery, you will have some physical limitations that will prevent you from going about your normal routine. You will not be able to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and your range of motion will be significantly reduced for a while. This means that you will need to prepare for these limitations in advance of your surgery.

If you have pets or children, you should arrange for some help during your recovery from breast implants. You will not be able to pick up your child, walk a big dog, or drive for some time after your surgery. Also, preparing some meals or healthy snacks in advance will help make it easier for you to eat the types of foods your body needs to heal properly.

You should set up a nice cozy space with extra pillows and blankets, books, movies, music, and other options to keep yourself entertained as you rest the first few days. Make sure to have quick access to water and healthy snacks that are easy for you to reach without having to overstretch or bend over. You may wish to consider purchasing a small tabletop mini fridge to place next to you.

Fill your prescriptions in advance and place them in close proximity to your cozy space so you have access to your pain meds if necessary, and you do not forget to take them.

Surgery Day

Often, patients can return home the same day as their breast implant surgery, but it may require an overnight stay in the hospital, depending on how extensive the procedure is. Most patients feel lingering after-effects caused by the use of general anesthesia, which may include grogginess, confusion, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. You will need someone to drive you home and possibly help care for you for the first few days.

You will need to wear a special compression bra for most of your recovery from breast implant surgery, and you may have awakened from your procedure and found you already have it on. These special bras look similar to sports bras, but they serve a specific function, which is to provide support to the healing breasts while reducing the amount of swelling and bruising that will occur.

Days 1 and 2 during breast implant recovery

The most important thing you need to remember the first few days is that you need as much rest as you can get and that you need to stay hydrated. You should also take short walks around the house multiple times a day to mitigate the risk of developing blood clots.

Most patients make use of the pain medication prescribed by their surgeons for almost the first full week, after which over-the-counter medications can control any residual discomfort.

It is normal to feel a pulling or tight sensation in your breast area, and you may have places that feel numb, but these should resolve themselves over time. In rare cases, some women experience permanent partial numbness in their nipple area.

The First Few Weeks Of Recovery After Breast Implants

You need to concentrate on resting and avoiding any activities that could put strain on your incisions. The first week of breast implant recovery is usually the most challenging, and the bruising and swelling are at their worst, but if you are well prepared, you will get through it with no trouble. If you have removable sutures, the doctor will take them out somewhere between the first and second weeks after your surgery.

Your breasts will appear higher than normal due to the swelling that occurs as a part of the body’s natural healing response. There is no need to worry; this is part of the process, and they will begin to descend into their rightful position gradually as the swelling dissipates. This process is called settling, and the length of time it takes for your new implant to “settle,” can vary depending on where they are located, the type of implants you received, and their size.

Three To Six Weeks After Breast Implants

Most women are feeling more like themselves by this point and have started to resume some of their normal activities. Many have already returned to jobs that do not require heavy lifting or strenuous activity.

Most of the bruising should have dissipated, and the swelling should be subsiding. Your breasts should have begun their settling process and may be looking like they are in a more normal location. If cleared by your surgeon, you may be able to begin adding in some light cardio into your day and some exercises that work on the lower body, but you still need to avoid chest exercises until your surgeon clears you.

Six Weeks And Beyond; Recovery From Breast Implants

Most patients with typical breast implant procedures can resume their normal activities about six weeks into their breast implant recovery. Your surgeon will be closely monitoring your recovery process and will let you know when they feel you are ready to resume activities such as lifting (weights or children), pushing and pulling a vacuum, strenuous workouts, etc. You can now say goodbye to your compression bra and wear that beautiful new lingerie you have been saving for this moment.

Does Size Or Location Make A Difference In How Long It Takes For Breast Implants To Heal?

Yes, the size and location of the breast implants can affect the healing process and the time it takes to fully recover. Usually, large implants take longer to heal because they cause the tissue they are placed under to stretch substantially more, which causes an increased amount of swelling that requires more time to subside.

Patients with larger implants often experience limitations in their range of motion for a longer period of time, and they need more time to heal. They also may need to extend the time frame before they can resume many of their normal physical activities.

Additionally, implants placed beneath the chest muscle normally require more healing time than those placed above the muscles because they require manipulation of these muscles.

How Am I Supposed To Sleep During My Recovery After Breast Implants?

The best way to get some rest after the installation of breast implants is on your back with the upper part of your body elevated. Many women choose to sleep in a recliner for a few weeks because it helps them remain in an elevated position, which mitigates fluid buildup and reduces the risk of putting too much stress on the new incisions. Also, the limited range of motion many women experience during breast implant recovery, it enables them to rise to a standing position more easily and more comfortably.

Who Can I Contact If I Have More Questions About Recovery After Breast Implants?

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