Why Morpheus8 Is Called Morpheus Laser

Cosmetic procedures have advanced light years from where they were just a few decades ago and today there are many non-surgical solutions that can address a host of skin issues. Some of the techniques that deliver significant results are laser treatments and radio frequency treatments.

Both can correct and reverse many of the same skin issues, address visible signs of aging, and are often confused because they both use a form of heat but they are two different technologies. To better understand that Morpheus laser treatment does not involve a laser, let’s look at the difference between these two technologies.

Laser Therapy vs Radio Frequency (RF)

Laser therapy is a term used to describe technology that uses laser light or light energy to enhance the skin by treating and improving certain skin issues. Generally, they help improve the texture of the skin and tighten it.

Laser treatments are most often performed using a handheld device that pulses light energy that is highly concentrated into the skin. Depending on the energy wavelength emitted by the device, treatments fall into one of two categories which include;

  • Ablative – These treatments eliminate the top layer of the skin to uncover the fresh healthy layer underneath.
  • Non-Ablative – These laser treatments reach down into the skin to correct but they do not resurface the skin by removing the outermost layer.

Radiofrequency (RF) is generally used to tone and tighten the skin on the body or the face but not to address specific surface concerns such as hyperpigmentation. RF also can not remove hair, or that regretted tattoo as a laser treatment can.

RF stimulates collagen production by emitting heat energy deep into the layers of the skin. Collagen is the protein in our skin that provides its structure and when it begins to break down, the skin can sag and wrinkles begin to form.

When the RF energy heat hits the skin, it jump-starts the body’s production levels of collagen and elastin and results in tighter, smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Radiofrequency treatments normally have no downtime but the results of the treatment can take a few months to manifest since it relies on the body to form new collagen under the surface of the skin.

Morpheus Laser Misconception Cleared Up

The Morpheus laser procedure does not use a laser at all, but it uses a combination of radiofrequency heat energy and microneedling to address several different skin problems.

A hand-held device is used to perform the morpheus8 treatment, and deliver the dynamic duo of radiofrequency and tiny micro-needles. The microneedling pierces the skin and creates tiny injuries that the body will rush to heal with new collagen and elastin. The layers deep within the skin begin to restructure due to the radiofrequency heat energy and can also eliminate some unwanted fat by liquifying it to be flushed out naturally by your body’s lymphatic system.

Morpheus8 comes with minimal downtime and pays off in maximum benefits! Come check out why Kim Kardashian calls Morpheus8 her new favorite!

Morpheus8 Can Address A Host Of Skin Issues

Even though using the term Morpheus laser treatment is not accurate, the treatment it delivers is strategic and accurate. The results are a visibly tighter, smoother appearance to the skin and the treatment can be finely targeted to address even small areas such as around the eyes.

morpheus8 before and after
Morpheus8 for acne scars before and after
morpheus8 body
Morpheus8 for hyperpigmentation in decolletage

Morpheus8 Can Effectively

  1. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  2. Fade, diminish, or eliminate acne scars
  3. Correct areas of hyperpigmentation
  4. Tone skin that is loose
  5. Lessen the appearance or remove wrinkles and fine lines
  6. Rejuvenate the skin on the face and body to reveal a youthful healthy glow
  7. Eliminate fat and define areas such as eliminating a double chin
  8. Removing dark circles, “chicken skin”, or puffiness in the under-eye area

Areas That Can Be Treated With Morpheus8

  • Face;
  • Neck;
  • Under chin;
  • Under eyes;
  • Abdomen, stomach;
  • Breasts, decolletage;
  • Bra roll;
  • Upper arms;
  • Thighs, buttocks;
  • Above the knees.

For best results, 3 morpheus8 treatments done about five weeks apart are recommended. Check our website for details and watch for the 3-treatment packages we offer periodically! You will see visible results in a few days that just keep improving over the next few months.

Morpheus8, laser treatments, and other cosmetic procedures can give you skin that is smoother, more radiant, and toned. At Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics our expertly trained professionals are here to help you with your skin transformation. Contact us today to find out which state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment will address your skin issues and enhance your beauty!

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