Botox lip flip FAQs

Botox Lip Flip: 16 Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Have you heard about the Botox lip flip? If you have ever thought about having your lips enhanced but were hesitant, this is a great thing to try. It is fast, easy, and inexpensive in comparison to fillers, temporary, and there is no downtime!

1. What Is a Lip Flip?

Botox lip flip
A lip flip is a non-surgical procedure that is done to enhance the upper lip making it appear fuller. This fast and easy procedure has recently become very popular, especially among those who want to enhance the appearance of their upper lip without the use of more invasive or permanent fillers.

2. What Is Botox?

Botox is the number one requested physician-performed cosmetic treatment in the world. It is a purified protein made from the toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. When injected, it affects the communication between nerves and muscles, paralyzing them and preventing them from moving. It is FDA-approved to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles, which is what most people think of when they hear the term Botox. You may know that Botox can be used for many other cosmetic and medical purposes, e.g. migraine headache treatment.

3. What Does a Botox Lip Flip Do?

When we think about lip enhancement, most of us think of injectable dermal fillers used to add volume and smooth out vertical lines. A Botox lip flip can give your lips the appearance of being fuller without adding volume through the use of dermal fillers. Botox can showcase natural lip volume that you may not realize you already have and can do wonders for minimizing the look of a “gummy” smile.

Video: Dr. Angelina Performing Lip Flip with Botox

4. Lip Flip with Botox vs Filler: What’s the Difference?

Both the Botox lip flip and dermal fillers result in the look of more volume in the lips but the procedures differ. Dermal fillers plump the lips through the use of hyaluronic acid or synthetic gel, which is injected into the lips giving them more structure and volume.

5. Where Do They Inject Botox?

A lip flip uses a small amount of Botox injected into the upper lip and corners of the mouth causing the lip to turn slightly upward. The upper lip appears plumper without adding any actual volume.

6. How Does It Work?

Botox is injected into the middle of the upper lip, aka Cupid’s bow, and into the corners of the mouth. Botox causes the muscles around the upper lip to relax making it flip upward and out enhancing the lip with a fuller appearance.

A lip flip with Botox can provide the much-coveted pouty top lip and is a wonderful option for people who would like a subtle enhancement to their lip without adding a lot of extra volume.

7. How Much Botox Is Needed For The Procedure?

Botox lip flip involves injecting between 2-8 units of Botox depending on what results you are trying to achieve. Enhancing the top lip and adding the subtle appearance of volume requires fewer injections than correcting a gummy smile.

8. How Much Does This Cosmetic Procedure Cost?

The cost of a Botox lip flip is usually a matter of how much Botox is needed to perform the procedure. The average cost will vary by patient and individual circumstance but the procedure normally costs between $75 and $100.

9. How Long Does This Procedure Take to Perform?

A lip flip with Botox is a quick in-office cosmetic procedure that only takes about 10 minutes to perform. It involves a few strategically placed Botox injections done by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or expert injector.

10. How Long Does The Effect Of Plump Lips Last?

Usually, a lip flip with Botox lasts for about 3 months. The effects of Botox normally last about 4 months but since the orbicularis oris muscle (the circular muscle that surrounds the mouth) is the most used muscle in the face, Botox may not last as long in the lips as it does for other facial muscles.

The precise answer to the question of how long lip flips last might depend on a variety of factors such as the qualification of the provider, the patient’s age, metabolism, skin elasticity, and so on.

Also, how long does lip flip lasts can be contingent upon how well the outcome is taken care of. Proper care should be done by the patient to maintain the lip flip results. On average as we mentioned previously you will enjoy the lip flip results for about 3 months. It is a temporary option for people who want a subtle lip enhancement without too much commitment. Those who would like to have plump lips for longer periods of time can try other options such as lip fillers.

11. How Long Does It Take to See The Results?

Normally, maximum results will be evident in a week to ten days but many patients have reported seeing results after two or three days. The results are noticeable when comparing before and after photos but they are also subtle enough to look very natural.

12. What Is the Recovery Like?

Patients may experience a small bump at the injection site and may also experience slight bruising or some swelling for a few days.

13. How To Prevent Botox From “Traveling”?

  • Exercise should be avoided for a day or two;
  • Sleeping face down should be avoided for the first few nights;
  • Avoid rubbing the injected area for at least 24 hours;
  • Avoid putting pressure on the lips for about 3 days, i.e. kissing, sleeping where lips are resting on hands or pillow, etc.

14. What Are the Benefits?

A lip flip with Botox has many benefits and can change the appearance of your lips in a subtle, yet appealing way. Some of the benefits of using Botox to enhance your lips are listed below:

  1. You can achieve the subtle effect of a lift augmentation in a minimally invasive way;
  2. Fewer injections are required to perform a Botox lip flip and because the needle size is very small, patients report only feeling a tiny pinch;
  3. A lip flip is a good trial run to experience the appearance of lips with more volume without the cost of a filler;
  4. Botox lip flip produces subtle natural-looking results;
  5. A lip flip reduces how high the upper lip elevates when smiling, reducing the visibility of gums;
  6. The cost of Botox per unit is significantly less than lip fillers.

15. What Are the Risks?

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are some risks involved. To mitigate any risk, this procedure should be done by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Due to the way Botox works by paralyzing the muscles along the lip line preventing them from moving normally, too much Botox may have an adverse effect. Adverse effects may include difficulty in:

  • Drinking with a straw;
  • May make your mouth asymmetrical;
  • Whistling;
  • Spitting such as after rinsing your mouth;
  • Drooling;
  • Eating with a spoon;
  • Blotting your lips together like after applying lip gloss;
  • Pronouncing some words;
  • Risks are very rare but if they do occur, they should only be temporary as Botox normally lasts for about 3-4 months before absorbing into your system.

16. Is Getting Botox Lip Flip Worth It?

Do you look in the mirror and wish your lips didn’t curve down? Do you wish that you didn’t see so much gum in photos when you smile? Or maybe you just wish the lips were not so thin?

Our smiles are one of the first things people notice about us and can affect someone’s first impression of us. If 10 minutes of your time could make your wishes about your lips come true, would it be worth it to you?

If you are interested in a lip flip with Botox or to learn more about dermal fillers, contact SurgiCare Arts today for a consultation with Dr. Angelena Posteov, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon and an expert in Botox and other lip augmentation techniques. SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics offers the Botox lip flip procedure and other lip augmentation options in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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