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Many individuals opt to have surgery each year to correct loose skin and excess fat in their thigh area. At SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics in Atlanta, GA, we offer specialized inner thigh lifts to help you attain the legs you desire.

Our skilled surgeons use advanced thighplasty methods to remove unwanted skin and fat, reshaping your thighs to be sleeker and more proportionate.

Inner Thigh Lift Surgeon In Atlanta

Dr. Angelina Postoev is a cosmetic surgeon who is triple board-certified and a qualified thigh lift specialist. She has had extensive training and experience in performing different types of thighplasty surgery.

Her attention to detail, surgical skill, artistry, focus on patient safety, and amazing results draw local patients as well as those from outside the immediate area. During a consultation, she will talk with you about your concerns and desires and then honestly and openly go over the options available and what results you can expect. Regardless of whether you need a small bit of correction with a mini inner thigh lift or greater correction with an extended inner thigh lift, you are in good hands with Dr. Angelina at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics.

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Dr. Angelina's certificate from American Board of Cosmetic surgery
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Why Would Someone Desire
An Inner Thigh Lift?

There are several reasons why someone might consider getting an inner thigh lift. Often, as we age, loose, sagging skin and excess fat begin to accumulate in this area, which is difficult to get rid of through routine dieting and exercising.

Also, individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, such as after weight loss surgery, often end up with loose, hanging skin that causes chafing and irritation or affects their mobility. Additionally, they may have issues finding clothing that will fit them properly. An inner thigh lift can help complete their weight loss transformation and boost their self-esteem, bringing their physical appearance and emotional feelings into sync.

Procedure Steps


Patient sedation under general anesthesia.


Dr. Angelina creates the necessary incisions in the groin area, which may extend under the buttocks or down the length of the inner thigh, depending on the type of inner thigh lift she is performing.


She will use a special liposuction technique to remove excess fat from the area as needed and then eliminate any excess loose skin.


Next, she will pull the remaining skin so it fits flush and tight and stitch it in place to give the entire thigh a more toned and smoother appearance.


The patient’s sutures may be reinforced with glue or surgical tape to make sure they do not open up during their initial recovery. Dr. Angelian will also provide the patient with a compression garment that will help keep the swelling down and help hold everything stable and in place while they are healing. Usually, these garments must be worn for at least six weeks.


The results of your inner thigh lift will depend on how much loose skin and fat you need to eliminate and the type of inner thigh lift used to get rid of it.

Ultimately, when looking at your inner thigh lift before and after pictures, you will see a greater amount of definition and contour in your thigh area. The diameter of your inner thigh should be smaller and the texture smoother from the liposuction, and you should no longer have an abundance of loose, hanging excess skin.

Before And After Inner Thigh Lift

Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift
Before And After Thigh Lift


Your inner thigh lift recovery time will depend on the degree of correction you need and how extensive your surgery was. A patient who only requires a small amount of correction and needs one small incision will not need as much time to recover as someone who has a large amount of loose skin and underwent an extended inner thigh lift.

Dr. Angelina will remove any surgical tape or bandages that are covering your inner thigh lift incisions during your first follow-up visit. She will provide you with exact instructions on how to take care of your incisions and give you strategies on the best way to sit, sleep, and even use the toilet. She will stress the importance of wearing your compression garments as directed during your inner thigh lift recovery because if you don’t, it can negatively affect your final results.


Unfortunately, there is no getting around post-surgical scars after an inner thigh lift but their visibility will depend on the technique used. Your inner thigh lift scars may be completely hidden in the crease where your groin meets your upper thigh or you may have one running from your groin to your knee on your inner thigh.

The main source of scarring will result from the removal of excess skin and Dr. Angelina will do everything she can to mitigate visible scarring. She will provide you with strategies and suggestions that can help minimize their visibility once your incisions have healed to a certain point.

Combining An Inner And Outer Thigh Lift

Sometimes, for a patient to achieve the results they want, it requires more correction than an inner thigh lift alone can provide. For instance, in cases where the patient has lost a massive amount of weight, an inner thigh lift alone will not offer sufficient correction. Many times, they have accumulations of excess skin on their flanks, hips, and outer thighs.

Combining an inner and outer thigh lift or including a tummy tuck or body lift can provide dramatic results. Removing the extra skin from all of these areas and using liposuction can result in a smoother, more toned-looking figure that looks natural.

During your consultation with Dr. Angelina, let her know what you want your final results to look like. She will work with you to come up with the best plan to help you attain these desires. You may be able to combine an inner and outer thigh lift with other surgical enhancements and reduce your costs and recovery time when compared to undergoing them separately.

How Much Does An Inner Thigh Lift
Cost in Atlanta, GA?

Today in the U.S., the base price of an inner thigh lift is around $5,500 however, this price excludes extra fees such as the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, anesthesiologist fee, and more.

Inner thigh lift surgery costs can vary widely depending on the type of technique used to provide the correction you need. Also, your geographic location and the expertise of your surgeon can influence how much you will have to pay.

At SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics, we offer all-inclusive pricing on surgery for an inner thigh lift in Loganville (Atlanta), so you will understand the exact cost of your surgery before you leave your consultation.


Five Stars Rating

Had an incredible surgical experience with Dr. Angelina and the entire team of caregivers. Would highly recommend this facility to anyone!

– Ashley

Five Stars Rating

Angelina and the staff in this office are amazing. They explain the details of the procedure, make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The office setting is very professional and the pricing was reasonable compared to other locations. Worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this office. Five stars in my book.

– Samantha

Five Stars Rating

Dr. Angelina and her whole team are amazing! They make every visit comfortable and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you for making my experience the best!

– Stephanie

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