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Cosmetic surgery techniques have advanced significantly in the past decade, and more individuals are choosing to enhance their natural beauty or reverse natural signs of aging. Every year, many individuals undergo surgery to correct loose skin and excess fat that accumulates in their thigh area. One of the newer and more popular surgeries that is used to tackle these problem areas is a mini thigh lift.

SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics performs many different thighplasty techniques, including mini thigh lifts, in Atlanta to help reproportion an individual’s thighs by removing loose skin, eliminating stubborn fat deposits, and creating slimmer, more naturally contoured upper legs.

What Is A Thighplasty Specialist?

A surgeon who has undergone extensive additional training and has vast experience performing different types of thigh lifts is considered a specialist in thighplasty. Dr. Angelina Postoev is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has undergone extra training and is a thigh lift specialist. She is especially gifted at performing challenging lateral thigh lifts with precision and delivering amazing results.

Many people seek her expertise after losing a large amount of weight and struggling with excess skin that affects their daily lives. She will assess your concerns and recommend the type of thighplasty best suited to your needs. Whether you require extensive correction or just a slight adjustment, Dr. Angelina is one of the most qualified full or mini thigh lift doctors in the country today.

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What Is A Mini Thigh Lift
And How Does It Differ From A Medial Lift?

A traditional or full thigh lift is also called a medial lift and involves tightening up loose skin and removing fat from the inside of the upper thigh area. Dr. Angelia will create different lengths and placements of incisions depending on the volume of loose skin that needs to be removed.

A full thigh lift may require an incision that runs along the intersection of the groin and the upper thigh and can extend around the back of the thigh and under the buttocks. Sometimes it can also require an incision that runs down the inside of the inner thigh to the knee. A mini thigh lift can only provide correction for a small amount of loose skin and usually requires a small incision in the groin area.

What Type Of Correction
Does A Mini Thigh Lift Provide?

A mini thigh lift targets the upper inner thigh and works well for patients with only slight sagging or a small amount of loose skin. It removes this excess skin and sometimes a small amount of fat, leaving a smoother and more-toned appearance without extensive surgery. One of the things you will notice when comparing your mini thigh lift before and after pictures is that your scars are well hidden in the groin crease, so no one will even know you had surgery.

Procedure Steps


The patient is sedated using general anesthesia.


Dr. Angelina makes a small incision in the groin area, where it can be easily hidden.


Next, she removes excess skin and sometimes a small amount of fat from the upper inner thigh using a specialized form of liposuction.


Then, the remaining skin is pulled up and tightened to create a smoother, more toned-looking upper thigh area and sutured in place.


Dr. Angelina may use surgical tape or glue to help keep the incision stabilized for the first few weeks of healing, and a compression garment will be put on that the patient will wear for about six weeks.


Patients will initially have sutures and surgical tape holding their incisions together, and they will be required to wear special compression garments during the entire healing process. These help mitigate swelling, help stabilize the incisions, make the entire healing process go much smoother, and have a positive impact on the final results. Since the mini thighplasty is less extensive than a full thigh lift and involves fewer and shorter incisions, it does not require a long recovery time.


Any surgery, including a mini thigh lift, will leave scars, but they should be somewhat hidden in the crease of the upper thigh/groin area. The incisions for liposuction usually create scars that are hardly visible without close inspection, and the scars resulting from removing extra skin during a mini thigh lift are small but may still be somewhat noticeable. Dr. Angelina does everything possible to mitigate the degree and visibility of thighplasty scars.

Can I Combine Types Of Cosmetic Enhancements With A Mini Thigh Lift?

Many patients opt to combine other contouring surgeries with their mini thigh lift to achieve more dramatic results. They choose to undergo a breast augmentation and add lost volume with implants or restore their breasts to the proper position on their chest with a breast lift. Some combine it with a tummy tuck or a Brazilian butt lift, which gives them a more balanced and proportional figure that is natural-looking.

How Much Does A Mini Thigh Lift
Cost in Atlanta, GA?

The average base cost of a mini thigh lift in the U.S. is around $5,500. Most practices add additional fees to their base cost, including the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, fee for the anesthesiologist, and the sedation medication, etc. Your total mini thigh lift cost will be discussed during your initial consultation and will depend on the extent of correction needed and whether you are combining procedures. The prices at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics are “all-inclusive,” and you will know exactly how much you will need to pay for your surgery in advance; there will be no surprise fees.


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Had an incredible surgical experience with Dr. Angelina and the entire team of caregivers. Would highly recommend this facility to anyone!

– Ashley

Five Stars Rating

Angelina and the staff in this office are amazing. They explain the details of the procedure, make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The office setting is very professional and the pricing was reasonable compared to other locations. Worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this office. Five stars in my book.

– Samantha

Five Stars Rating

Dr. Angelina and her whole team are amazing! They make every visit comfortable and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you for making my experience the best!

– Stephanie

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