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Saggy thighs may develop as you age, and they are also a common issue after a significant weight loss. This loose, hanging skin can be distressing to those who have worked hard to lose weight but are unable to enjoy their new, smaller size. SurgiCare Arts and Aesthetics offers various types of surgical thigh lifts, including crescent thigh lift surgery, that can correct this aesthetic concern.

If you only have a moderate amount of loose hanging skin, Dr. Angelina with SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics can perform a crescent thigh lift in Atlanta to tighten up this area and restore more youthful-looking and toned inner thighs.

Our Crescent Thigh Lift Surgeons

Crescent thigh lift surgery can be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Angelina Postoev, who is one of the nation’s most qualified thigh lift specialists.

She is the founder of SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics and is well known for her surgical precision and artistry, patient rapport, and focus on patient safety. She and her team have a reputation for excellent results and exceptional patient care, and many patients travel from out of state and country to seek her expertise.

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What Is A Crescent Thigh Lift?

A crescent thigh lift, or crescent medial thigh lift, is a type of inner thighplasty that is done to remove a moderate amount of excess skin that is hanging down from the top ⅔ of the inner thigh.

The elasticity of your skin is only able to bounce back to a certain degree, and the older we get, the more this declines. When we gain weight, our skin is able to stretch past its normal capacity, which causes damage, but it usually can’t be seen until the extra weight is lost. The extra fat that you gain gives the damaged skin support and a smooth surface to lie on, so it appears to be fine. Once you begin to lose weight and the padding of fat is eliminated, the skin is not able to bounce all the way back to the way it was, so it sags or hangs down. A crescent thigh lift is one of the techniques that can be used to get rid of this excess skin.


A crescent thighplasty is best for individuals who only have a moderate amount of loose skin and fat that is located on the upper portion of their inner thigh.

Unfortunately, loose skin cannot be corrected through workouts or any type of diet or exercise. This surgery provides the finishing touch for those who have lost weight or developed loose skin due to aging and want their thighs to look slim and toned.


A crescent thigh lift can enhance the appearance of the upper thighs and create a more contoured but natural look. You can expect the hanging loose skin to be eliminated and the entire area to appear smoother and tighter.

Most patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight and have had surgery feel like all their hard work has finally paid off when they see their crescent thigh lift before and after pictures. Many said their new slimmer thighs boosted their self-esteem, and now they are not embarrassed to wear shorts.

Procedure Steps

A crescent thigh lift is a type of inner or medial thighplasty that is done to correct a moderate amount of loose, saggy skin that has accumulated in the upper thigh area. It is named for the shape of the tissue and excess skin that are removed from the upper portion of the thigh. The usual steps of a crescent thigh lift include:


General anesthesia is used to sedate the patient.


Dr. Angelina creates an incision high in the inner thigh. Its length will vary according to the patient’s anatomy and the type of correction needed.


She will then use Vaser Liposuction to eliminate excess accumulations of fat and create a smoother, more defined transition.


Next, Dr. Angelina will remove a crescent-shaped area of loose, hanging skin from the upper inner thigh.


The raw edges of the skin will be pulled together, and sutures will be applied to hold them together. The upper thigh region will be more closely contoured, smoother, and tighter but will have a natural-looking appearance.


Dr. Angelina always places sutures as precisely as possible, so the resulting scars will be as hidden as possible. She may also apply surgical tape or glue over the incisions to reinforce them and prevent them from splitting open before they have properly healed.


Next, she will place a compression garment over the upper thigh and provide instructions for how long it should be worn. Usually, the patient must wear these garments 24/7 unless bathing for about four to six weeks. They keep swelling down to a minimum and help the incisions heal better by keeping them stable.


Patients then spend some time in recovery, where they are observed for a few hours until they are discharged to go home to recover. Dr. Angelina asks her patients not to touch their incisions and she will remove their bandages and surgical drains (if they have any) during their follow-up visit. She will also give them specific instructions on how to care for their incisions at this visit.


Each patient will recover at their own rate, and their experience will depend on how extensive their surgery was, what the current condition of their health is, their age, and how well they take care of themselves and follow the aftercare instructions given to them by Dr. Angelina.

She will explain how to properly take care of your incisions and when you can begin treating them to mitigate scarring. She will also explain how to wear your compression garments, answer any questions you may have, and offer helpful suggestions on the best way to position yourself while sitting or lying down to alleviate any pressure that could cause your incisions to separate. She can even explain the easiest and best way to use the toilet during your crescent thigh lift recovery. If you follow her instructions, your recovery should progress smoothly, and you will get the results you want.


It is almost impossible to remove skin from an area without leaving a resulting scar. Depending on the type of thighplasty you have, your scar may be well hidden and close to the crease where your upper thigh meets your groin. If your incisions are lower down on your thigh, your crescent thigh lift scars may be more noticeable at first, but if you take care to treat them as Dr. Angelina recommends, after a year or two, they should lighten up significantly and be hard to see.

Combining Thigh Lift And Other Surgeries

Sometimes combining a crescent thigh lift with another cosmetic surgery, like a lower buttock lift, can provide more dramatic results. If you have loose skin all over your thigh area, you may also need to have a lateral thigh lift to provide the all-over correction you need.

Combining surgeries often adds to some cost savings and also keeps you from having to undergo two separate recovery processes or take additional time away from work.

You can discuss your aesthetic concerns with Dr. Angelina during your consultation, and she can craft a detailed plan of care that will provide correction and enhancement in those areas. She will advise you as to which procedures or surgeries you are able to combine and work with you to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

How Much Does A Crescent Thigh Lift
Cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of a crescent thigh lift can differ depending on how much correction is needed, where the surgery is being performed, the surgeon’s expertise, etc.

In the U.S., the base cost of a crescent thigh lift averages around $5,500. This base cost does not include all the fees that might be associated with the surgery, such as the fee for the use of the operating space, the surgeon’s fee, the fee for the anesthesia and the anesthesiologist, etc. When comparing costs, you need to ensure you understand what is included in the fee you are being quoted.

Dr. Angelina at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics will discuss the cost of your crescent thigh lift at your consultation so you will fully understand what your financial obligation will be. Her prices are all-inclusive and transparent, so there will be no hidden or surprise fees later.

A crescent thigh lift can remove what feels like a heavy layer that was holding you back from embracing your new slimmer self after losing weight. It can show off all of your hard work and give you a huge boost of confidence. Book your consultation with SurgiCare Arts today!


Five Stars Rating

My surgery for a tummy tuck / lipo / fat transfer to the hips was successful with zero complications. My healing experience was above average for a person that has a medical history like mine. My TT scars are next to perfect within 3 weeks of surgery. This could have not been possible without someone like Dr. Angelina who places the patients health above a $$$.

– Erick

Five Stars Rating

My experience with Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics was beyond expectations. I am a 57 year old male that had Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Dr. Chris on 8/30/18. 9 months later and 150 lbs lost I had abdominoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Angelina. Dr. Angelina, Stacy, and Christine welcomed me at every visit making me feel like I was a friend as much as a patient. They answered every question pre and post operation. I plan on having additional skin removal procedures at Surgicare Arts in the near future. I am so thankful I found them.

– Pat

Five Stars Rating

6 weeks post-op abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) with lipoma removal. I am getting so excited day by day with my results.

– K. R.

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