The Top 10 FAQ’s of Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation is a type of breast augmentation surgery that uses fat grafting to make your breasts bigger, perkier, and fuller. Since natural breast augmentation is a relatively novel procedure, you might have many questions about it. Some of them we’ll answer in this article.

1. What Is Meant By Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation is used to describe a procedure that increases the volume in your breasts without using implants or introducing foreign materials. The patient’s fat is extracted through liposuction from one area of their body, treated, and used to increase the volume and improve the shape of their breasts.

2. What Is The Procedure For Fat Transfer?

Fat to be used for a transfer must be obtained in such a way that keeps the fat cells unharmed and alive. The cells are extracted from the targeted area of the body via liposuction, using slow movements, and gentle pressure, and then suctioned out using a gentle vacuum preserving the integrity of the cells.

3. What Is The Process For Purifying Fat For Transfer?

Before fat can be transferred to the breast area it must be purified and any excess fluid or dead cells removed. This process is done using a centrifuge which is a piece of medical equipment that uses centrifugal force to separate molecules according to their mass.

It spins the liquid fat around at a high speed causing the desired material to be physically separated from the undesirable elements. When the process is complete the desired liquefied fat cells are retained and used for the injections.

4. What Is the Recovery Like for Natural Breast Augmentation?

After the procedure, most patients feel some discomfort in their breasts as well as the liposuctioned areas. A compression garment should be worn according to the aftercare instructions provided by the surgeon. This special garment will help mitigate bruising and swelling as well as hold the new contours firm and in place. Getting plenty of rest during the first week is recommended.

A mild prescription for pain may be given to you or over-the-counter medications may be taken to alleviate any discomfort. Most patients experience some swelling and bruising but it should dissipate in a week or two. Somewhere between months 3 – 6 after the procedure, the swelling should be gone and the final results of your natural breast augmentation should be visible.

5. What Are The Advantages Of Natural Breast Augmentation vs Implants?

  • All natural so no risk of foreign material rejection;
  • No risk of capsular contracture;
  • Long-lasting results;
  • Areas used for fat extraction are thinner, more contoured, and tighter;
  • Fat stem cells increase tissue quality in surrounding areas;
  • Short recovery time;
  • Uses very tiny incisions, virtually scarless.

6. What Are The Disadvantages Of Natural Breast Augmentation Vs Implants?

  • There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be injected into the breasts;
  • Breasts can only be increased up to one cup size;
  • The volume of fat that survives the transfer procedure is variable;
  • Results may not be as expected due to fat being reabsorbed by the body;
  • Fat transfer is not a breast lift and does not address drooping or sagging;
  • The procedure is more expensive than traditional implants.

7. What Are The Risks Of Natural Breast Augmentation?

Some risks involved in fat transfer breast augmentation include calcification, fat necrosis, cystic lesions, lymphadenopathy, misshapen breasts, hypersensitivity, and itchy nipples.

8. Is Fat Transfer In The Breasts Always Used To Increase Volume?

The technique of fat transfer is sometimes used to repair the damage that was done by radiation during breast cancer treatments.

9. What Is The Most Important Decision When Thinking About Breast Augmentation?

One of the most important, as well as first, decisions to be made when considering breast augmentation, is the choice of a surgeon. Breast augmentation is not only about increasing volume but about using artistry to obtain natural-looking results that are well-balanced and shaped. Your choice of surgeon will determine the end result, complications, or success of your procedure.

10. What Are Some Ways I Can Make My Breasts Look Bigger Or Lifted Without Any Surgery?

There are some things that you can do to temporarily lift your breasts or give the appearance of more volume.

  1. Choose an outfit that shows off your cleavage such as a V-neck or sweetheart style;
  2. Use makeup to enhance your breast volume and cleavage. Use a dark contour color to outline the top and insides of your breasts followed by a light highlighter on your cleavage. This will give your breasts the look of more volume;
  3. Wear a push-up bra to create lift, volume, and cleavage;
  4. Schedule a professional bra fitting. Statistics show that approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. A bra that is the correct size and properly fitted will give your breasts the look of increased volume and instant lift;
  5. Use inserts referred to as “cutlets” (silicone or water-filled inserts) inside your bra to add volume and a push-up effect;
  6. Tape your breasts with lingerie or bra tape if you want some lift without a bra. This will also help camouflage the nipple a bit so you can go braless.
    • To use tape for a v-neck shirt, adhere a piece of tape to the bottom of your breast and run it up the top of your shoulder raising the breast as much as desired. Use about 3 or 4 pieces of tape for each breast spacing the tape out as needed;
    • If your shirt or dress is strapless, adhere the tape from the outside of one breast to the outside of the other while lifting your breasts before taping. Use several layers of tape spaced out as needed.
  7. Add some targeted chest exercises to your routine. Medicine ball pushups, dumbbell chest pullovers, and chest flys are a few exercises that will help firm and lift the breasts;
  8. Improve your posture, sitting and walking with your head held high and your back and shoulders straight will emphasize your breasts making them look perky and lifted.

If you are contemplating breast augmentation, you want to feel comfortable that your surgeon is knowledgeable and an expert in breast augmentation. Dr. Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer breast augmentation in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. To learn more, contact SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics today to schedule a personal consultation.

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