Liposuction Recovery

Recovery after liposuction is relatively mild and takes up to a month depending on how many areas were operated on. There will be some swelling and bruising that usually goes away within 2 weeks. A compression garment or bandage will help control swelling and keep the body shape. You will be prescribed pain medication. Do not expose yourself to the sunlight and do not take hot baths or go to sauna for at least two weeks.

Some patients are concerned about scarring after liposuction. The incisions are designed to be small and are made in the hard-to-see areas whenever possible, so they are not visible after the recovery. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions regarding the post-op care to help the incisions heal quickly.

Depending on the treated areas, patients can usually return to work in a few days and to their normal activities within a month to a month and a half. Physical activity (exercises) should be limited to light activities (e.g. walking) in the first week after the procedure. During follow-ups, Dr. Angelina Postoev will evaluate your healing progress and provide further recommendations and detailed instructions on how to recover quickly.

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