How Much Weight Can You Lose With Liposuction?

Almost everyone has experienced stubborn fat. The kind that no matter what you do, it refuses to budge. How do you get rid of stubborn fat for good? The answer for many would be to undergo a liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is the perfect solution to create pleasing contours and permanently eliminate stubborn fat deposits. But can you lose weight with liposuction? Do different forms of liposuction remove different amounts of fat? If so, how much weight can you lose with laser liposuction? How much weight can you lose with abdominal liposuction?

To answer these questions and more, let’s look at an overview of liposuction, how it is meant to be used, and what to expect in way of weight loss after liposuction.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Liposuction?

There have been misunderstandings regarding liposuction since it was first approved by the FDA. Much misinformation has circulated through social media as well as personal blogs about how much weight you can lose with liposuction.

Liposuction was developed as a body contouring procedure to treat targeted areas of stubborn fat by permanently removing it. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and was not ever intended to be used as one. That being said because liposuction is effective in eliminating extra fat, most individuals do lose weight after liposuction.

What Is the Average Weight Loss After Liposuction?

After undergoing liposuction, one of the most substantial results you will notice is the loss of inches in the treated areas. Most individuals also lose weight after liposuction and the amount they lose depends on their BMI and the areas being treated.

Procedures such as liposuction have FDA-mandated guidelines that must be followed. The mandated FDA guidelines for maximum fat removal during a liposuction procedure are between 10 and 11 pounds. This does not mean that it is safe for everyone to have 11 pounds (5 liters) of fat removed. Each patient will be evaluated individually and a plan for the appropriate amount of fat removal will be determined.

The average amount of weight patients lose with liposuction is about 5 pounds.

Does BMI Matter When Considering Liposuction?

Patient BMI is taken into consideration when determining a treatment plan for liposuction. Your current weight, body mass index, overall health, and goals are all part of the equation.

Patients with very high BMI levels are more at risk for surgical complications and side effects. On the other hand, patients with a very low BMI may be better served with a different form of body contouring procedure. The bottom line, a patient’s health has to be good enough to allow them to undergo liposuction surgery and they also have to have enough excess fat to remove.

Liposuction can be beneficial for removing stubborn fat deposits that a patient has not been successful in getting rid of through diet and exercise alone. Cosmetic procedures such as Morpheus8 Bodytite, or Physiq may be good choices for very low BMI patients who are looking for the elimination of a mild amount of body fat and smoother more contoured areas.

Am I A Candidate For Liposuction?

Historically liposuction was a very invasive procedure and many individuals were not good candidates. Today there are different techniques for liposuction and the procedure does not carry the high-risk profile it once did.

You may be a good candidate for liposuction if:

  • You are in overall good health;
  • You are within about 30% of your ideal weight;
  • You have enough elasticity in your skin and good muscle tone;
  • You have areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise;
  • You do not smoke;
  • You are committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your results.

You will not grow new fat cells in the treated areas, but the remaining fat cells can expand if you gain weight.

Where Can Liposuction Be Used To Remove Fat?

Pretty much anywhere you can “pinch” fat on your body can be treated using liposuction. The most common areas are the love handles, abdomen, bra roll, back, hips, and waist.

Weight Loss After Liposuction FAQs

1. How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

Even though liposuction is not intended to be used for weight loss, patients generally lose between 3-5 pounds during their procedure.

2. How much weight can you lose with laser liposuction? Or How much weight can you lose with Vaser liposuction?

The method or technique used during liposuction does not significantly alter how much fat is removed or the amount of weight a patient will lose during the procedure. Depending on the area(s) treated the average weight loss is about 3 to 5 pounds.

3. How much weight can you lose with abdominal liposuction?

If fat is liposuctioned and removed only from the abdominal area the amount of weight a patient will lose will depend on how much fat is present in that area. Typically, weight loss after abdominal liposuction ranges from 2 to 4 pounds.

4. Can liposuction help me lose weight and fat in the areas that did not get treated with liposuction?

Yes, when you gain weight, existing fat cells grow larger and when you lose weight fat cells get smaller. Since some fat cells have been eliminated through liposuction, diet and exercise would promote weight loss from fat cells located in the areas that were not treated.

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