10 Celebrities Who Had Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have breasts that are disproportionate to the size of their bodies can suffer both physical ailments and emotional issues. They can experience back and shoulder pain, indentations in their shoulders, poor posture, and general fatigue. They can be limited in the activities they can easily perform, and for some, even sleeping can be an issue.

Aside from the physical distress, many women suffer emotionally as well. They are singled out and picked on as young adolescents, they receive unwarranted criticism, and unwanted attention, they are not given credit for their accomplishments, they can not easily find a bra or clothing to fit them, and they feel self-conscious in certain social situations, and the list goes on and on.

Perhaps you are one of these women and feel like you are alone in how you are feeling. This is FAR from true! There are many women who are dealing with the same issues and many who have made the decision to undergo a breast reduction and it changed their lives. Even celebrities! Yes, that is right! Many celebrities have had breast reductions and others have been rumored to get implants and downsize later! Keep reading to find out more about which celebrities have had breast reductions and who is rumored to have and why!

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter had breast reduction surgery when she was 17 years old. She is best known for her recurring role in Modern Family. During an interview with Glamour, Ariel Winter discussed her breast reduction surgery and how it was life-changing. She spoke about how emotionally stressful it was to be a young girl in the spotlight when everyone was focused on her breasts and not on her as a talented actress.

After an event, the headlines would be all about her cleavage or her huge boobs that were shown off in the dress she was wearing. Ariel Winter wore a size 32F before her breast reduction and went down to a 34D and she stated “It’s amazing to finally feel right, I feel like a new person”.

Ariel Winter before and after breast reduction
Ariel Winter before and after breast reduction

Scarlett Johansson

Did Scarlett Johansson undergo a breast reduction? Comparing pictures over the years it is obvious that Scarlett has changed cup sizes a few times. As an actress, it may have been a decision she made for her career but the recent pictures of Scarlett Johansson reflect a smaller breast size. It is possible that she had implants at one time and then decided to have them removed, possibly because of her pregnancy.

Scarlett Johansson before and after breast reduction
Scarlett Johansson before and after breast reduction

Jennifer Connelly

Did Jennifer Connelly have breast reduction surgery?
Unconfirmed rumors speculate that Jennifer Connelly had breast implants early in her career. When looking at before and after pictures of Jennifer Connelly it looks like the rumors may be true. Jennifer Connelly may have undergone a breast reduction to remove implants.

Many women have implants when they are younger and then choose to have them removed or made smaller after a time. Sometimes they do not understand all the changes that will come with enlarging the size of their breasts. While we can not be sure if Jennifer Connelly had a breast reduction, her recent pictures seem to reflect a smaller cup size.

Jennifer Connelly after breast reduction
Is this Jennifer Connelly after breast reduction?

Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye’s breast reduction surgery in 1992 reduced her bust line from 38DD to a size 36C. She had been acting in a sitcom as “punky brewster” since age 7 but by the time she was 16 and at only 5’1” her breasts had developed disproportionately to her body. Her back hurt and she had indentations on her shoulders. Aside from the physical pain that she experienced she was also tormented emotionally.

In an interview, she talks about how she was getting picked on and called “punky boobster” because her large breasts developed rapidly after the show wrapped. She began getting offered other acting roles that did not convey a message she wanted to send and she was suffering emotionally.

Frye stated, “No one is in charge of how their body develops, but there was so much shame about it.” Soleil Moon Frye wanted to let other women know of her breast reduction to help promote the message of healthy self-images but her message was lost due to misrepresenting headlines.

She was suffering from a condition called Gigantomastia which is the abnormal rapid and extra-large development of breast tissue. Soleil Moon Frye was 14 in the picture on the left below with her 13-year-old date.

Soleil Moon Frye before and after breast reduction
Soleil Moon Frye before and after breast reduction

Simona Halep

Many women with large breasts have issues even completing routine tasks around the house let alone trying to play competitive sports! Simona Halep was having to work extra hard to play tennis because of her unusually large breasts.

Simona Halep had breast reduction surgery in 2009 at the age of 17. She didn’t like being known for her 34DD breast size and not her skills as a tennis player. She was constantly uncomfortable and knew her large breasts were slowing her down and inhibiting her game. She said that their weight was one of the issues that troubled her the most and she would have had a breast reduction even if she had not played sports. Simona Halep had breast reduction surgery that reduced her breast size to 34C.

Simona Halep breast reduction before and after
Simona Halep breast reduction before and after

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore underwent breast reduction surgery to reduce her breast size from a D to a C and she loves how her body looks now. She said she struggled with debilitating back pain and felt uncomfortable being looked at by men as a sex object.

Barrymore went on to say that she was having difficulty landing roles that were not cast because of the size of her breasts and wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress. After breast reduction surgery, Drew Barrymore said she can now wear clothes and not look heavy because of her large breasts.

Drew Barrymore breast reduction before and after
Drew Barrymore breast reduction before and after

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton underwent breast reduction surgery in 2003 and proclaims that it restored her self-esteem. The actress who is known for “Everybody loves Raymond” and “The Middle” said that being only 5’2” with large breasts not only hurt her back but after 4 pregnancies, they were sagging, didn’t look good, and her self-confidence was very low.

Patricia Heaton also had a tummy tuck with her breast reduction for vanity reasons. Heaton stated “I had four C-sections and my stomach looked like the map of the world” Heaton is open about her breast reduction surgery and admits that it restored her self-esteem.

Patricia Heaton breast reduction before and after
Patricia Heaton breast reduction before and after

Christina Ricci

Rumor has it that Christina Ricci had a breast reduction. By comparing pictures we can see that she appears to have gone down a few cup sizes. Many actresses have not only physical pain due to their large breast sizes but also issues getting the types of roles they would like in the industry. With her small frame, it would not be surprising that Christina Ricci had a breast reduction.

Christina Ricci before and after breast reduction surgery?
Is this Christina Ricci before and after breast reduction surgery?

Alexandra Daddario

Has Alexandra Daddario had a breast reduction? It looks like maybe she may have! Many women who developed large breasts at a young age experience pain due to their large breasts.

Alexandra Daddario is known for her iconic beauty and business from her Baywatch days. We all know that aging and gravity both work against women with large breasts and they tend to sag and flatten. She may have gone down a cup size with a reduction or through a breast lift but Alexandra Daddario looks amazing.

Alexandra Daddario reduced her breast
Did Alexandra Daddario reduce her breast?

Dolly Parton

Has Dolly Parton had a breast reduction? There has been much speculation and conversations centered around Dolly Parton and her iconic breasts.

Dolly told Australia 60 Minutes reporter Mike Munro that she has always had “big ones” but she would not divulge her bra size. While she has always been a jokester and has not denied having any “work done” on her breasts back then at 40 years old she told Munro that she thought she looked as good as she could at 40 years old but when everything started sagging she would “have it all pulled up tight and tied off”.

It is safe to assume that over the years Dolly has had her breasts augmented on more than one occasion. When comparing pictures of Dolly Parton over the years her breasts appear significantly smaller than they were initially.

Being such a small person it was no doubt painful carrying all that extra weight and even a slight reduction was probably a relief. Looking at these before and after pictures, it looks like Dolly Parton underwent a breast reduction.

Dolly Parton before and after breast reduction
Dolly Parton before and after breast reduction

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Rumored Celebrity Breast Reductions

Kim Kardashian

One of the biggest trendsetters today is Kim Kardashian, and fans diligently follow her Instagram and then take to social media to discuss her latest post. Recently, fans took to Reddit and asked the question, “Did Kim Kardashian have a breast reduction?” One fan said, “What happened to Kim Kardashian’s breasts, they look smaller?” Fans speculate that she used surgery on her shoulder to cover up the fact that she had her breast implants removed or the size reduced. It seems that every few years there is some question that pops up about the size of Kim Kardasihan’s breasts. Some recent photos of Kim in a tight purple dress with cutouts posted on Instagram are what spurred this debate once again.

Billie Ellish

Another celebrity who has openly talked about her body image issues is Billie Ellish. She mentioned in an interview that she started developing breasts when she was nine years old. When she began her career, she dressed in baggy clothing to try to just look “normal” and not draw attention to her overly large breasts. Some sources say that Billie Ellish had a breast reduction in 2019 to alleviate back and neck pain she was experiencing, and one source reported that Billie’s mother, Maggie Baird, confirmed this to be true. Billie once took to Instagram to confront fans for the backlash she received for changing her “look.” She expressed her frustration with fans complaining that she dressed “too boyish,” and then when she made some more feminine choices, they said she was a “sell out.” If the rumors are true that Billie Ellish got a breast reduction, perhaps she felt more comfortable trying some different styles than her previous baggy selections.
Breast reduction surgery can bring women physical relief from chronic pain and also help them regain confidence and a more positive body image.

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