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Unwanted fat deposits can accumulate on the arms and it can feel like it will just stay there forever! This is very close to being true because once fat builds up on the arms it is very hard to get rid of and sometimes it won’t budge no matter what you do. Even women who are at a healthy weight often experience fat accumulations on their upper arms.

Men do not tend to experience a fat buildup in their upper arms as frequently as women. Fat among genders is dispersed differently, men tend to accumulate fat primarily in their abdomen and women seem to accumulate it everywhere!

Most women notice their arms more when the warmer weather shows up and it is time to break out the sleeveless attire. If you have noticed extra arm fat in the mirror, you are not alone as many women struggle with arm fat and are unhappy with the way their arms look. Liposuction is one of the best tools to address unwanted fat deposits and it is effective to lipo fat from arms.

Today we are going to answer some of the questions we have received from our followers about arm liposuction (lipo).

Why Would Lipo Be Performed On The Arms?

Are you embarrassed by the way your arms look if you try to wear a sexy cocktail dress or a sleeveless shirt in the warm weather? As women get older, many experience changes in their upper arm area and under their arms. The skin can begin to sag and the fat deposits begin to form under the arms and in the upper arm area.

Fat that accumulates in this area is very tough to get rid of, regardless of how much you diet or workout. This is where liposuction can be very effective and often is the best way to achieve the trim well proportioned arms they desire.

Liposuction on the upper arm and under the arm can significantly change the way your arms look. With one procedure your arms can look slimmer and more contoured.

Using lipo for the arms is less invasive than undergoing brachioplasty surgery (surgical arm lift) which would be necessary if there was an abundance of loose skin under the arms. Many times after a large loss of weight or the natural course of aging loose skin accumulates under the arm (often called bat wings or arm flaps). If there is already loose skin hanging under the arms then lipo from the arms and arm lift surgery would be needed to correct this. Your cosmetic surgeon can advise you whether you need lipo on your arms, an arm lift, or both.

Arm liposuction can restore your self-confidence and provide you with beautifully contoured arms that are natural looking and more proportionate to your frame.

Is it effective to lipo from arms

How Is Liposuction Done On The Arms?

Different liposuction techniques may be used by different cosmetic surgeons and at Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics Dr. Angelina Postoev prefers to use Vaser liposuction to lipo fat from arms.

During traditional liposuction, a cannula is moved back and forth to break up the fat cells, and then they are suctioned out. During VASER liposuction the fat cells are vibrated loose and the cannula remains stationary to remove the loose fat cells. This minimizes bruising and swelling after the procedure and prevents nearby tissue and capillaries from getting damaged.

Here is the basic rundown of how the fat lipo from arms procedure will go.

  1. On the day of your procedure, you will put on a medical gown and your arms will be marked to define the desired contours.
  2. You will be sedated and then a local anesthetic will be injected into the treatment entry areas.
  3. A few small incisions will be made in strategic locations on the arms and a special tumescent solution is injected into the arms. This solution numbs the treatment areas and shrinks the blood vessels to mitigate bleeding.
  4. Next, a thin instrument called a cannula is inserted through the incision which will use sound energy to break up and loosen the fat so it can be easily removed. The tumescent fluid helps fill up the arm area surrounding the fat making it easier for the sound energy to work its magic.
  5. Then, the emulsified fat is softy suctioned out. The surgeon takes great care to contour the arms to obtain the results you desire.
  6. The incisions are closed up and properly dressed and then a special compression garment is put on the patient that they will wear for about the next six weeks.(wearing compression garments will greatly determine the final results of your lipo from arms procedure).

What Is The Recovery Like After You Have VASER Lipo On The Arms?

A huge advantage of VASER liposuction is the fairly short recovery time when compared to traditional liposuction. Another advantage that patients appreciate is that any resulting scars are very small and well-hidden.

Right away, you will notice a big difference in the way your arms look but the final results will be evident after a few months. You will experience some swelling and bruising but it will not be as severe as with traditional liposuction.

Depending on the extent of your procedure, you will want to take a bit of time off from work and will need to follow all the post-operative instructions the surgeon provides. These instructions will include any activity restrictions you are to follow such as no heavy lifting or vigorous arm exercises for about a month, etc.

Most patients who have VASER liposuction say they only experienced mild to moderate pain for about a week after the procedure and that their pain medication well managed their discomfort.

6 Tips For Your Recovery From Arm Lipo

No driving
You will need a friend or family member to drive you home from your procedure because it will not be possible for you to drive for several days after having arm liposuction.
Make sure to take any medication provided by the surgeon
Your surgeon may write you a prescription for antibiotics and it is important you take them as directed. Fill this prescription before you have your procedure so you will already have them on hand.
Rest, rest, rest
Getting an adequate amount of rest will be critical to your recovery and you will need to rest as much as you can especially for the first few days while your incisions heal.
No lifting of heavy objects
Your surgeon will provide you with lifting restrictions that may last up to six weeks after having fat lipo from your arms. If you have little ones, you will not be able to lift them and may need to secure some help for a short time.
Arrange for some help
Along with the heavy lifting, you will need to take it easy for a few weeks and will not be able to perform most household chores. You will need help with small children and pets that need walking and activities that include driving until the surgeon tells you otherwise.
Be patient
Your final results will be worth these weeks of resting and waiting. Let yourself recover before you try to resume your normal activities and do not try to push yourself. You will most likely experience bruising, soreness, and swelling for the first few weeks so take great care of yourself to avoid any complications.

How Much Fat Can You Remove From The Arms With Liposuction?

Your surgeon will know exactly how much to lipo from your arms and this will be discussed before your procedure during your consultation and again on the day of your procedure when your arms are strategically marked with the intended contour plan.

There is no specific amount of fat that can be safely removed from the arm area but a surgeon is limited to 5 liters per session. It is considered unsafe to remove more than this amount during one procedure.

How Effective Is Arm Lipo?

Liposuction in general is a very effective tool for fat removal. Once the fat is removed, these cells are gone forever and will not grow back.

It is important to keep in mind that as effective as lipo on the arms is, fat cells that remain can grow larger if you gain weight. If you gain a significant amount of weight new fat cells can form and they may end up right back under your arms or on your upper arms.

To reap long-term benefits from lipo on your arms, make sure to do your part to maintain your refreshed arm contours through healthy lifestyle habits. Maintain a healthy weight through your diet (lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc) and regular exercise.

If you are unhappy about the way your arms look you do not have to continue to feel that way. Fat lipo from your arms can provide sleeker, more toned-looking, contoured arms that you are proud to display in sleeveless attire.

Get in touch with Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics today and set up a consultation to learn more about arm liposuction and how it can boost your self-confidence and improve the look of your arms. Dr. Angelina Postoev, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon is not only expertly skilled at Vaser liposuction but an artist at heart. Contact us today, and the arms you desire tomorrow!

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