What Is A Mini Neck Lift And How Much Does It Cost?

Most of us do everything we can to slow down the natural process of aging and only want to look older than we are until we turn twenty-one! As we age, gravity starts to become an issue, and our once youthful, elastic skin starts to become lax and begins to sag and wrinkle.

If you are trying to hide the fact that you are aging, your neck may give you away because it is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. The muscles in the neck begin to get weaker, excess fat deposits show up on the neck and chin, and the skin begins to sag, which can result in neck banding and jowls. Gravity is not a nice friend when it comes to our faces and necks.

The “mini-lift” concept is becoming more and more popular but can deliver fairly big results. A mini neck lift may be just the thing you need if you are experiencing the beginning stages of neck aging.

Today we are going to talk all about the mini neck lift, what you can expect from a mini neck lift, the cost of a mini neck lift, the recovery, and where to find a qualified surgeon to perform your mini neck lift.

What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

Sometimes referred to as platysmaplasty mini neck lifts are becoming popular around the world to correct many common cosmetic neck concerns.

A mini neck lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that may be performed using various techniques, but the desired goal is to tighten the skin on the neck to give the patient a more defined and youthful-looking jawline. It involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the neck area to tighten the lower region of the face and refresh the appearance of the patient’s jaw, neck, and chin areas.

A submental incision (under the chin) and smaller ones behind the ears are usually used when performing a mini neck lift. The surgeon will remove excess fat if needed, the muscles may be repositioned or tightened, and loose skin can be removed or treated with a skin-tightening procedure.

When we add the word “mini” to a neck lift, this means the surgeon is using a shorter incision and a smaller area of the neck is being addressed. This procedure works best for individuals with signs of neck aging that are minimal. If the patient has an excess of fat or loose skin, a mini neck lift would not adequately address these issues, and a traditional neck lift would be required.

Sometimes a poorly defined jawline accompanied by the laxity of the neck gives the appearance of a “weak’ chin, and these patients can benefit from a chin implant as well as the neck lift.

When performed by an expertly qualified cosmetic surgeon, the mini neck lift provides a significant anti-aging effect without numerous large incisions or the extended downtime associated with a traditional neck lift.

Who Is A Candidate For A Mini Neck Lift?

The most suitable candidates for a mini neck lift are individuals between the ages of 30 and 50 who are looking for a more contoured jawline and a smoother, more slender-looking neck. Many patients choose to undergo a combination of a facelift with a mini neck lift and sometimes also include a chin augmentation to attain optimal results. A facelift alone cannot correct the signs of aging that appear on the lower face and neck.

A mini neck lift is appropriate for candidates that need to address two very common signs of aging: a “double chin,” or sagging skin that hangs down under the chin and resembles a turkey wattle.

An individual that has a significant accumulation of excess fat under their chin, or severe skin laxity, such as a patient who has just lost a significant amount of weight, may require a full neck lift. However, patients that have only mild or moderate lower facial laxity can achieve beautiful, long-lasting results from a mini neck lift.

How Is A Mini Neck Lift Performed?

To correct the signs of aging and properly address a patient’s lower facial area and neck concerns, the cosmetic surgeon must determine what factors are contributing to these areas’ aged appearance.

The first thing the cosmetic surgeon will do before choosing the technique(s) to use during a neck lift is to do a thorough analysis of the patient’s lower face and neck. They will determine if there is excess skin, excess fat, crepey skin, sun damage, or platysma muscle banding (the two muscles that run vertically down the neck) and determine the appropriate treatment based on their findings.

A mini neck lift is often performed under twilight anesthesia, but general anesthesia can be used if desired. The surgery can take between 1 12 and 2 hours, depending on the techniques used, the overall health of the patient, and the desired outcome.

  1. The surgeon typically creates an incision under the chin, tightens the muscles, and removes any excess fat.
  2. Next, the surgeon makes small incisions behind the ears and uses these to perform lateral tightening of the muscles in the neck and to remove excess skin. When the skin is pulled from behind the ears, it is lifted and the center is tightened, which provides the taut, angular, more defined jawline that the patient desires.
  3. Depending on the extent of the procedure and whether lifting along the jawline and the midface are both needed, then the incisions may be extended in front of the ear.
  4. Liposuction is often used to remove excess fat from below the chin. Younger patients may achieve a more defined neck and chin through liposuction alone, but older individuals tend to also need to address lax skin on the sides.
  5. To help keep the treated area secure after the mini neck lift, a snugly fitting compression garment is placed over the head and under the chin. Patients will need to wear this special neck garment for about six weeks.

Depending on the type of technique used, and the extent of the correction, drains may also be used to help alleviate excess blood and mitigate the risks of hematomas.

Any scarring that results from a mini facelift is normally not visible because it is well camouflaged behind the ears or in the hairline. An expert cosmetic surgeon will hide them so well that their patient can wear their hair pulled up and no one will notice their scars.

How Much Does A Mini Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a mini neck lift can vary depending on different factors, including the extent of the procedure needed, your geographic location, the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, whether your procedure is performed in a hospital operating room or a surgical facility, etc.

The average price of a mini neck lift performed in the United States is around $5,774, but this is only a base number and does not include any fees that may also be required, such as:

  • Fees related to anesthesia (the anesthesiologist and the medication);
  • Operating and surgical facility costs;
  • Medical tests related to the procedure;
  • Compression garments;
  • Prescriptions for pain medications or antibiotics;
  • Fees for the surgeon.

The cost of the mini neck lift will vary for each patient and their unique set of circumstances, as well as whether they are combining other cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired outcome.

Because this procedure is considered elective surgery, mini neck lift costs are not covered under medical insurance, but most cosmetic surgeons offer financing options that break the cost of the surgery up into lower monthly payments. During a consultation with your chosen cosmetic surgeon, they will detail your costs and provide you with an estimate of what is involved for you to attain your desired results and the associated costs.

What Can I Expect During Recovery From A Mini Neck Lift?

The recovery associated with a mini neck lift is usually less painful and a bit shorter than that associated with a full neck lift. The incisions are smaller and less invasive, so there is not as much trauma to the neck’s delicate tissues.

During their mini neck lift recovery time, most patients take between a week and 10 days off from work and their routine activities. Usually, the cosmetic surgeon will use stitches that dissolve when finishing the incisions after a mini neck lift, so patients don’t need to attend an office visit to get them taken out. They will need to visit their surgeon’s office for a post-operative follow-up so their healing progress can be evaluated.

After a mini neck lift, most patients recover swiftly, and any pain or discomfort can be managed with prescribed pain medications.

It is advised that you sleep with your head elevated for a few days after your surgery to help keep swelling and discomfort to a minimum. To ensure your recovery remains free from complications, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions from the surgeon.

Most patients are cleared to return to work and some of their usual activities after about seven days, but to ensure your recovery goes smoothly, your doctor may also advise you to refrain from any rigorous physical activity for two to three weeks after your mini neck lift.

How Long Do The Results Of A Mini Neck Lift Last?

A mini neck lift generally lasts about five to eight years, and the younger a patient is at the time of the surgery, the longer the results seem to last. To get the most from a mini neck lift, the patient should practice proper skin care, including proper moisturizing, and maintain a healthy weight.

Some patients also get dermal fillers injected to augment their chin or jawline to complement their surgery. These injectable fillers will require maintenance at certain intervals to maintain their results.

Is There An Expert Cosmetic Surgeon That Can Perform A Mini Neck Lift Near Me?

If you are looking for a mini neck lift in Atlanta, you are in luck! Dr. Angelina Postoev, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, performs full and mini neck lifts at Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics in Buckhead, Atlanta, and some of the surrounding areas.

Contact Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics today to set up a consultation and learn more! In addition to the surgical mini neck lift, there are non-surgical cosmetic procedures available that can tighten skin laxity on the neck. Depending on the extent of your neck concerns, one of these procedures or a combination of a few may adequately address your concerns without surgery.

Set up your appointment today and let us help you make your aesthetic dreams come true!

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