What Influences The Price Of A Breast Lift Or Other Breast Surgery?

One of the top requested cosmetic procedures each year is breast augmentation. While women choose their procedure for many different reasons there are common questions we frequently hear, “How much does a breast lift and implants cost?” or “What Is the base price of a breast lift and reduction combined?”

These questions are a natural part of considering cosmetic surgery but there are so many factors involved in these procedures that quoting the cost of mastopexy is more complex than one may think.

Many women experience sagging breasts that occur for several reasons. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, and the natural process of aging can all have a hand in droopy breasts. A breast lift can correct the aesthetic appearance of saggy breasts and help a woman feel more self-confident.

If you have ever considered having a breast lift, like many women, you may be wondering how much breast lift surgery costs. Today we are going to discuss the basics of breast lift surgery and the different elements that factor into the cost.

What Is A Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

A mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure to correct the positioning and shape of breasts that are sagging and have lost their volume. A breast lift can also help reposition the nipple to look more natural and resize the areolae if necessary.

During a mastopexy, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is tightened so breasts appear more lifted and youthful. A breast lift can be done in combination with breast implants or a breast reduction depending on the results desired.

An Overview Of Breast Lift Procedure

  1. The patient is sedated under general anesthesia;
  2. The surgeon creates the appropriate incision(s) for the type of correction necessary:
      • Around the outside of the areola;
      • Around the circumference of the areola and also vertically down from the areola to the underside of the breast crease;
      • Around the circumference of the areola, vertically down to the breast crease, and then along the breast crease horizontally (anchor shape).
  3. The breast tissue is reshaped and lifted providing more pleasing contours and added firmness. Breast implants may be added to replace lost volume.
  4. The areola and nipple may be relocated to a more natural-looking, youthful position. The size of the areolas may also be reduced by removing some excess skin around its perimeter;
  5. Extra loose skin is excised and pulled tighter to correct the loss of elasticity;
  6. The incisions are closed and often taped with surgical tape and a special compression garment is given to the patient to wear. This garment will be worn for the next several weeks to help support the breasts as they heal;
  7. Recovery takes approximately six weeks.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Breast Lift

The total price of a breast lift will vary by patient and depend on many factors. The average breast lift surgery costs around $5,012 in the United States however, this is just the base cost and does not include all the fees that will be calculated into the final price of a breast lift.

1. Additional Surgery-Related Fees
Some of the fees that may be charged in addition to the base cost of mastopexy include:

  • Surgeon’s fee;
  • Fees for anesthesia (anesthesiologist and medication);
  • Fees for the hospital operating theater or surgical facility costs;
  • Fees for any necessary medical tests;
  • Post-operative compression garments;
  • Prescription medication.
2. Geographical Location
Believe it or not, the location of your cosmetic surgeon’s practice can influence the cost of breast surgery. Surgery costs tend to run higher In larger cities, and geographical locations where the cost of living is higher. For instance, a cosmetic procedure is likely to be higher in Beverly Hills, Ca than in Atlanta, GA.
3. Skill Of The Surgeon
Choosing to work with a cosmetic surgeon that has the specialized training, extensive experience, noteworthy credentials, or is in high demand will influence the overall cost of surgery.

Your choice of cosmetic surgeon will be a key component of the results you receive so it is important to choose wisely.

4. Combining Surgical Procedures
Performing more than one cosmetic procedure during the same surgical session makes a lot of sense in some situations. Combining breast lift surgery costs with another procedure can often save money as well as provide other benefits.

  • It is a bit less expensive since fees for anesthesia, the operating facility, etc only have to be paid once;
  • The patient only has to go through one recovery process;
  • The final results are more dramatic and the patient avoids some of the “in-between” periods where they have not yet reached their desired goal.
5. Combining A Breast Lift With Breast Implants
A breast lift alone does not create volume or the round fullness at the top of the breasts but this look can be achieved using breast implants. Combining these two procedures will provide fuller symmetrical breasts that are naturally positioned and more youthful looking.

Breast lift and implant costs will vary depending on the type, size, and shape of the implants chosen. Silicone implants generally cost about $1,000 more than implants filled with saline. Also, implants that are pre-shaped such as teardrop implants generally are more expensive than round silicone implants that come in standard sizes.

6. Combining A Breast Lift With A Breast Reduction
Larger breasts are not always as desired as people may think. Women with overly large breasts experience chronic back and shoulder pain and they have challenges finding clothing to fit. Gravity can cause larger breasts to become saggy and droopy much earlier than smaller breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is normally combined with a breast lift because performing the reduction without the lift may cause the excess saggy skin to be more pronounced. The price of a breast lift and breast reduction will vary by patient depending on the extent of the surgery.

7. Combining A Breast Lift With Other Surgical Procedures
Breast lift surgery and breast implant surgery are often combined with a tummy tuck which is another of the most requested cosmetic surgeries. This combination is often referred to as a “mommy makeover” and is sometimes offered as a package deal or as a monthly special, especially around Mother’s Day. Taking advantage of special deals can reduce the overall breast lift surgery cost.

Mastopexy Augmentation Cost vs Results

The complexity of the procedure, the location of the surgical facility, the expertise of the surgeon, the use of implants, and other factors all contribute to the overall cost of mastopexy augmentation.

Now that we have gone over the different elements that are involved in a breast lift or combined breast augmentation procedure, the range in pricing likely makes a bit more sense.

While your financial obligation is an important piece in determining where you choose to have your surgery, your safety, quality of care, and final results should carry more weight in the decision rather than only the cost of breast augmentation surgery.

What Is The Best Way To Determine Breast Lift And Augmentation Costs?

Because there is so much variation between patients and what end results they desire from their breast augmentation, it is difficult to offer a “ballpark” figure or a one-price-fits-all breast augmentation cost. The best way to determine what financial investment would be required for your customized surgical procedure would be to set up a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Whether you desire aesthetic changes following a significant weight loss or life event or wish to recontour your body to improve self-confidence, breast augmentation surgery may be an excellent choice.

During your consultation, you will be provided with the exact mastopexy augmentation cost for the surgery or the combination of surgical procedures that will deliver the results you desire.

In certain circumstances, health insurance may cover a portion of your surgery but, most often breast augmentation surgery is considered cosmetic and is not covered under insurance.

Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics offers competitive financing options for qualified patients to conveniently break down breast lift and augmentation costs into low monthly payments.

Book Your Consultation Today To Determine Your Breast Surgery Costs

Contact the skilled professionals at Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics and set up a consultation today. Dr. Angelina Postoev is triple-board certified and one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the country. She and her team of highly-skilled professionals are committed to the highest quality in patient care while delivering excellent results.

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