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One of the first places that age begins to show is in the neck area. As we age, fat can settle in the chin areas and can create a double chin, and affect the jawline and overall profile. This could be an inherited trait and resistant to diet and exercise. Contouring the neck through chin liposuction can result in a more youthful appearance that is smoother and more refined. Liposuction in the neck area can also help create a defined jawline and reduce folds and creases. Sometimes neck liposuction is done in tandem with a neck lift to address loose, sagging skin. If you desire a more youthful, defined neck profile, we are here to help.

What is Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction also referred to as neck liposuction is a procedure that contours the neck and chin area through the removal of fat. An instrument called a cannula is inserted through tiny incisions strategically placed under the chin or behind the ears so any scars are hidden. Excess fat is then sculpted out to create a natural and pleasing contour. Usually, the chin and neck are done together for best results.

What Are the Benefits of Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction provides the following benefits to patients:

    • Reduced fullness that creates a double chin;
    • The neck is more defined as excess fat deposits are removed;
    • Less invasive so suitable procedure for older patients;
    • A more natural look;
    • Minimal scarring;
    • Younger looking appearance instantly;
    • Fat removed is gone forever and will not return;
    • Firming skin and muscles easily.

Chin Liposuction for Men

Men are realizing the benefits of chin liposuction and are amazed to see how it can transform their jawline into a stronger, more angled one. Just by removing some fat, a man can look more masculine, slimmer, and more youthful.

What Should I Expect from My Chin Liposuction?

Liposuction of the chin and neck is normally performed under local anesthesia and takes between 45 minutes and 2 hours to perform. Following the surgery, patients wear a chin strap for support, fluid drainage, suppress swelling, and to promote healing. The skin on the chin and neck may feel uncomfortably tight for a few days. Swelling and bruising are normal after liposuction but should only last for about 10-14 days. Most patients can resume their normal activities after about 2 weeks and many can return to work after just 3-4 days.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Once fat cells are removed during neck liposuction they are gone forever. Results are permanent but the overall contour of your neck will be preserved depending on lifestyle choices. The fat cells that have been removed, will never come back but the remaining ones can “gain weight” without a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Interested in recontouring your neck? Learn about our non-invasive procedures: Evoke, Evolve, Morpheus8, and AccuTite.

How Much Does Chin Liposuction Cost in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of surgery varies by patient based on several factors. Liposuction of small areas such as neck or chin usually starts from $2,500. During your initial consultation, our team will discuss the cost of your procedure and share information about our financing options.

Schedule Your Liposuction Consultation Today!

For many women and men of all age groups, a double chin is a persisting issue that is hard to solve. Nowadays online you can find a variety of exercises, face-sculpting massages, diets, skincare products, and routines, as well as many other tips that promise you to get rid of your problem. However, the effectiveness of such do-it-yourself methods is often not proven to be safe or effective. Trusting these methods might just waste your time and lead to frustration. Double chin removal through liposuction under the guidance of a triple board-certified surgeon Dr. Angelina is a trustworthy and effective solution to your problem.

Double chin removal in Atlanta with Dr. Angelina will not only give you a more refined chin and neck but also a great experience, comfort, and safety because high-level medical professionals at Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics always aim to provide quality service and exceptional bedside manners at affordable prices.

If you desire a more defined chin and neckline that removes years from your age, schedule a consultation at SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics. Dramatic, more youthful, slimmer-looking results can be achieved.

Angelina Postoev, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer chin and neck liposuction for men and women in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. To learn more about liposuction, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.

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