Tri-Stem Cell Moisturizer

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• Reduction of fine lines
• Reverses signs of aging in fibroblasts
• Increases lifespan of isolated hair follicles
• Anti-wrinkle effect on crow’s feet
• Protects longevity of skin stem cells
• Delays senescence of essential cells
• Increases the vitality of skin stem cells
• Combats chronological aging
• Antioxidant protection for the skin
• Increases moisture by 70% in 4 weeks.
• Activates the proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts and collagen production
• Increases the colony forming efficiency of epidermal stem cell
• Helps skin cells to maintain the capacity to build new tissues (3D epidermis)
• Increases skin firmness and elasticity, and increases cell turnover

Sizes Available – 4oz


One of the key ingredients is Malus Domestica a liposomal preparation of apple stem cells
derived from the ‘Uttwiler Spaläuber’, a rare Swiss apple variety. These apple stem cells are rich
in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which ensures the longevity of skin cells. Malus
Domestica has been shown to protect skin stem cells and succeeds in delivering a revolutionary
anti-aging performance for real rejuvenation. We source our stem cells form a company that
has developed a novel plant cell culture technology that enables the large-scale cultivation of
callus (stem) cells from rare and protected plant species, such as Malus Domestica. The
technology, which was recognized at the UN Conference Rio+20 as an Eco breakthrough,
delivers a highly sustainable sourcing of this active ingredient. Another key ingredient is Red
Marine Algae (Ahnfeltia concinna) Naturally derived from red marine algae found in the
Hawaiian Islands. This formula’s activity is attributed to the highly functional bio-components
naturally created by Ahnfeltia and genetically reproduced by proprietary bio-fermentation

Plant Sourcing

Uttwiler Spätlauber is a variety of a Swiss apple (Malus Domestica) that is derived from a
seedling planted in the middle of the 18th century. It was very famous for its excellent
storability without shriveling. Uttwiler Spätlauber apples have especially long-living tissue stem
cells, while their specific composition of metabolites leads to incredible storability and longevity

1 review for Tri-Stem Cell Moisturizer


    This is worth every penny! It makes my skin glow and applies just enough moisture not causing my skin to become oily. I just this product along with the Organic Foaming cleanser and they work hand and hand.

    • Dr. Angelina Postoev

      Thank you! We love this moisturizer!

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