“Lunchtime Lipo”-Alternatives For Traditional Liposuction

“Lunchtime Lipo”-Alternatives For Traditional Liposuction The days of  inpatient surgery, and  overnight hospital recovery for liposuction is long gone.At SurgiCare Arts we offer the most advanced, innovative cosmetic technology on the market.Moreover, our non-invasive treatments alternatives for liposcution have been dubbed “lunchtime lipo”. Most procedures can be done under mild sedation, or no sedation at …

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 How is the skin around our chest different than the rest of our body?

We put so much time and attention into improving and maintaining the skin on our face. In addition to treating your face, it’s important to remember to  care for the delicate skin areas like our neck and chest, which can easily show the signs of aging. Factors like gravity, sun damage or having an ample …

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What is labiaplasty?

Many women devote extra time to making sure the swimsuits, yoga pants, and other clothing they wear does not reveal their excessively long or asymmetrical labia minora. These are the inner vaginal lips that typically remain tucked behind those outer hair-containing folds of skin known as the labia majora. More than affecting the appearance of …

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