How is the skin around our chest different than the rest of our body?

We put so much time and attention into improving and maintaining the skin on our face. In addition to treating your face, it’s important to remember to  care for the delicate skin areas like our neck and chest, which can easily show the signs of aging. Factors like gravity, sun damage or having an ample chest can contribute to, and accelerate, the appearance of aging on your neck and chest.

Watch the video below as we discuss frequently asked questions regarding your décolletage with one of SurgiCare Arts’ board-certified aestheticians, Stacey Murray. Ditch the turtle neck and make you proud to put your best chest forward.

 How is the skin around our chest different than the rest of our body?

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The skin on our chest is a prime candidate daily damage than other areas of our body. Furthermore, the reason why is we often forget to provide protection on other areas than the face. The skin in this area is also thinner than other areas of the body, so it is more prone to the signs of aging. Additionally, there are few products that address this area and most laser procedures are tough to perform on this area due to the delicate skin.

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Now that you’ve learned your neck and chest are essentially an extension of the delicate skin on your face, you can give it the care and attention it needs to proudly show off that low cut shirt or new necklace with a flawless backdrop—your décolletage! Schedule Your Appointment Today! to discuss your options today.