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BIOCORNEUM® is the only advanced scar treatment with FDA-Cleared Silishield® patented crosslinking medical grade silicone and SPF 30. BIOCORNEUM is effective on scars resulting from injuries, surgical or cosmetic procedures, burns, wounds, and trauma, and helps reduce the appearance of old or new scars.



  • prevents and minimizes the formation of hypertrophic scars;
  • decreases the appearance of old scars;
  • protects scars from sun exposure’s darkening effects;
  • dries quickly to adhere to the skin for 12 to 24 hours.

How It Works

BIOCORNEUM advanced scar treatment works to heal scars with Silishield® patented silicone technology through a soothing and nourishing gel texture.

More effective than other scar treatments, BIOCORNEUM provides the protection of silicone sheeting with the convenience of a soothing gel. This calming silicone gel reduces redness and discoloration while locking in moisture to prevent the overproduction of collagen and the formation of scars.

An injury or incision causes a break in the skin’s protective layers. As the incision heals, collagen begins forming to close the gap but this newly formed skin is ineffective in retaining moisture. BIOCORNEUM scar gel creates a protective layer that holds in moisture during the healing process which reduces the formation of scars while also shielding this delicate new skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

To prevent scar formation, the silicone should remain on the affected area 24/7 for 2 to 3 months. This is a challenge when using traditional silicone sheets but BIOCORNEUM’s gel-like properties make it easy to apply and less cumbersome when it has dried.

Using BIOCORNEUM advanced scar treatment for 2 to 3 months every day can prevent or reduce the formation of new scars and can also improve the appearance of old scars.

How to Apply

  • Before applying, clean and dry the affected area thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin, even layer twice each day over the affected area (best results require 2-3 months of continual use.
  • Allow BIOCORNEUM to completely dry.
  • Wait at least 15 minutes before sun exposure after applying BIOCORNEUM.
  • Once BIOCORNEUM dries, it can be covered with clothing, compression garments, cosmetics, or supplemental sunscreen as needed.
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  1. Lauren

    I am super happy with the results I have seen with BioCorneum. My incisions are almost invisible now in indoor lighting and daylight. My scars are entirely flat now after only 10 months and I cannot see or feel them. One note of caution, beware of buying BioCorneum from an unknown source because there are many imitations being sold as genuine. You should only buy BioCorneum from a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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