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Approximately 90% of adult women experience cellulite; it plagues women of all ethnicities and races, often getting worse with weight gain and the natural process of aging. Historically the only way to reduce cellulite that did not respond to diet and exercise was through invasive treatments that had long recovery times. If you struggle with embarrassing unwanted cellulite and dimples in all the wrong places, you will be excited to hear that there is a new non-invasive treatment available! SurgiCare Arts is pleased to offer QWO cellulite treatments, the first injectable cosmetic cellulite treatment approved by the FDA to treat moderate to severe cellulite deposits in the buttocks.

What Is QWO Cellulite Treatment?

QWO is a prescription medication collagenase clostridium histolyticum that is injected into cellulite dimples to break down the fibrous bands and collagen that cause the skin to dimple. This medicine works by causing the fat cells to redistribute themselves to make the skin appear more even and smooth. QWO also helps your skin to produce more collagen using a more delicate and flexible tissue structure preventing future dimpling.

What Areas Can Be Treated With QWO?

QWO has been FDA-approved to treat adult women to reduce cellulite dimples on the buttocks.

QWO cellulite treatment before and after
Non-invasive cellulite treatment with QWO

Who Is A Good Candidate for QWO?

  • Women with cellulite on the buttocks that is moderate to severe;
  • Women who have previously had liposuction but still have visible areas of moderate to severe cellulite;
  • Women who understand the procedure and have realistic expectations of the results;
  • Women who do not have an allergy to this medication;
  • Women who do not have an active infection in the treatment area.

How Many QWO Injections Will I Need?

Typically a series of injections are given into the buttocks during a QWO cellulite treatment. Most patients receive about 12 injections but the actual number given during a treatment session may vary due to the amount and location of the cellulite. Normally 3 QWO treatments that are spaced about 3 weeks apart are recommended to achieve maximum results.

How Long Do QWO Treatments Take?

Normally QWO treatments take between 10 to 30 minutes to perform.

Are Results of QWO Treatments Permanent?

Desired results may take up to 10 weeks to fully develop but results can be permanent if current weight is maintained coupled with a healthy diet and exercise.

Are There Risks Or Side Effects With QWO?

As with any procedure, there may be risks or side effects. The risks of QWO cellulite treatments may include:

  • Allergic reaction to the medication;
  • Some minor swelling and bruising;
  • Mild discomfort;
  • Tissue hardening at the injection site;
  • Itching.

How Much Do QWO Treatments Cost In Atlanta?

The QWO cellulite treatment costs will vary by patient and how many treatments are necessary to obtain the desired results. During your consultation with SurgiCare Arts, the pricing for your custom treatment plan will be clearly outlined and we will share information about financing options.

If you feel you have done all you can do to get rid of your unflattering cellulite and would like some help in your fight against it, set up a consultation with SurgiCare Arts & Aesthetics today! Dr. Angelina Postoev will help you formulate a plan to reach your desired aesthetic goals including the right treatment to address your cellulite.

Dr. Angelina Poestov, MD, FACS, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, and Christopher Ibikunle, MD, FACS, offer QWO Treatment in Buckhead, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Loganville, Buckhead, and the surrounding areas of Atlanta, GA.

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